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Yager Release The Cycle Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Yager Release The Cycle Alpha Gameplay Trailer


YAGER have released a The Cycle alpha gameplay trailer. This upcoming title for the PC, is a unique match-based FPS in a science fiction universe. The trailer is entirely comprised of alpha gameplay footage. In The Cycle you compete to fulfill contracts (quests) during a match that lasts approximately 20 mins. Staying on the planet for longer than that is bad for your health.

The Cycle YAGER have introduced the Competitive Quester, a new genre of PvEvP shooter with a strong focus on emergent social dynamics. “These social dynamics add a special twist to the game,” explains Timo Ullmann, Managing Director YAGER. “Players strive to achieve objectives while making and breaking temporary alliances. Anyone can attack anyone, and anyone can ally with anyone. Players can be cooperative and competitive at the same time. So, if you meet new players on your way, anything can happen.”

Players are invited to register for a chance to be invited to the second closed alpha test on www.thecycle.game. The second closed alpha will happen between September 18th and September 20th on Steam. Servers will be open from 19:00 to 23:00 CEST / from 17:00 to 21:00 UTC. If you were part of the first alpha, you will also be registered to play the second closed alpha test.

For more information check out The Cycle’s website.