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Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth] Coming To Android And iOS

Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth] Coming To Android And iOS


Bandai Namco have announced an android and iOS mobile game based on the Tokyo Ghoul series. Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth] will feature 2D and 3D Battles with over 100 characters from the hit anime. 

The good news? The mobile game is heading our way this autumn. So we don’t have a huge wait in front of us. Players will be able to fight alongside their favourite members of the Quinx squad. Their aim is to engage in battles for control of Tokyo. By signing up and logging in players will gain access to Kenaki and Sasaki as bonus playable characters.

The launch of the game will also include:

  • In-depth Leveling System: Utilize in-game materials to power up characters and strengthen their Quinque and Kagune weapons to unlock game-changing special attacks and abilities.
  • Seasonal Conquests: Each season, players are automatically divided into the ranks of the Ghouls or Humans, to fight for control of Tokyo in epic life or death battles.
  • PVP Ambush: Obtain rewards based on rankings in decisive and exhilarating PVP battles.
  • Purge Raids: Join forces with fellow species-members to take down powerful Special Investigators and SS-rated Ghouls in intense raid battles.

You can sign up for notifications for Google Play here to be informed when Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth] releases. For more information on the mobile game  you can visit the official website here. There are free wallpapers smartphone users available for download on the website.

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