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Soul Calibur VI Sees Cervantes Return

Soul Calibur VI Sees Cervantes Return


Cervantes, one of the most prolific characters in the SC series, returns for Soul Calibur VI. Bandai Namco confirmed the dreaded pirate is returning from the dead with one goal in mind; Cervantes, consumed by the Soul Edge, seeks to devour souls on his unholy journey.

Check out his reveal trailer below!

Cervantes fights with two weapons, Acheron and Nirvana. His main sword, Acheron, has been his sword since he plundered it from its hapless former owner during his reign of dread across the Atlantic Ocean.

His secondary weapon, Nirvana, is a dagger with a pistol in the hilt. While pistols of the time were still relatively primitive, shooting an opponent could break their guard, allowing for a fierce follow-up blow. The gun dagger was a gift from the Italian weapons dealer Vercci and symbolises the twisted connection between the feared pirate and the Merchant of Death.

First appearing in Soul Edge, he remains a fan favourite. Cervantes is one of only four other Soul Calibur characters to have appeared in every game.

Soul Calibur VI hits shelves October 19 and will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.