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Rampage – Kavinsky

Rampage – Kavinsky


It’s no secret that I really like synthwave (or retrowave, or outrun, whatever you might call it), as many people I became slightly aware of it through Drive‘s soundtrack. It was what made me discover Kavinsky.

So, when Kavinsky finally released his debut (and so far only) album, OutRun, I listened to it avidly. And I loved it. But there was something in the back of my mind that wouldn’t go away.

There was one song that had something that sounded very familiar. He was sampling something I knew, but I couldn’t remember where I knew it from. I just knew it was something from my childhood. I kept racking my brains, but I couldn’t figure it out. It sounded like it had to do with some epic fight.

And I got a sudden moment of clarity. HE WAS SAMPLING A TUNE FROM DRAGON BALL Z! Dragon Ball is a series that I hold dear because it was part of my childhood (and it’s also one of the few mangas I actually completed) so I felt stupid for not realising it sooner.

Still Kavinsky is class. I hope he releases a new album soon.