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Overcooked 2 Review 7.8

Overcooked 2 Review


After the success of 2016’s Overcooked, the frantic couch co-op cooking simulator was bound to get a sequel. Announced at E3, Overcooked 2 looked more of the same fun gameplay, but with a few added mechanics.

Recipe For Fun

If you played the first Overcooked, you know the deal here. You play as one of a possible four chefs and are tasked with making a set of specific recipes. Depending on what order you complete the orders, you are awarded points. The higher the points, the more stars you earn per level. You have a maximum of 3 stars per level to earn (New Game + update will add a fourth star when released). Depending on your star level, more levels unlock.

The fun for levels, comes from the pure chaos that can arise from juggling the orders. In solo play you control two chefs in the level. You tap L1/R1 to swap between them to chop, fry, boil or bake food. This has to be balanced with keeping an eye on dirty dishes building up or the many level hazards such as fire. When you add another player(s), co-ordination is key, as you overlap orders, cross paths and generally meltdown when things go wrong and the clock runs out.

Wacky Levels

So as you can imagine, Overcooked 2 has some less conventional levels compared to your standard kitchen. You will have to battle with moving mine carts underground, river rafts separating, floating hot air balloons or alien planets with sinking platforms. These add a sense of increasing challenge to each level. You have to keep track of the dynamic levels, along with your food orders, so your meals go out on time. They add a sense of danger, as some levels will completely change the flow of your run at the drop of a hat. This causes you to switch your game plan.

What’s New On The Menu

So far it all sounds like more of Overcooked, so what is new for Overcooked 2? Well there is a very handy throw mechanic introduced. This will become key in your success in later levels, as the throw lets you fling ingredients to you cooking partner or into pots and pans to cook. It saves valuable seconds when aiming for the three stars in levels.

Multi-player has also been added to the pot for the first time. Couch co-op is still available from the get-go, but multi-player adds a sense of unknown, when you are matched with random users to play in co-operative or competitive modes. Co-operative plays like your standard way as above, while competitive mode pits you into teams of two to earn the highest score in a level before the time runs out. You can steal other people’s orders and gives another set of funky levels to compete in.

Cheque Please

So what is the verdict for Overcooked 2? Well if you liked the original, this sequel is more of the same frantic fun. The added throwing mechanics and online play, add flavour to overall package. It is an enjoyable, quirky title, that is ideal for couch co-op with friends. Graphics are bright and colourful and music is sparse, but suits the game. The controls are easy to learn, but when you master the levels and progress to the harder levels, you will be a three star chef in no time.

Overcooked 2 is available right now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.


Overcooked 2 is a familiar meal with some new flavours. It is a fun, frantic and hilarious game with friends, while online play adds to longevity.

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