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Fan Remake Metal Gear Solid Intro

Fan Remake Metal Gear Solid Intro


There has been a truly awesome remake of the Metal Gear Solid intro sequence, by Games Art Director Erasmus Brosdau. Having worked on games like Crysis, Ryse, Star Citizen and Origin Zero, Erasmus was inspired by the #metalgear31st campaign. The campaign was part of Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is vying to be in the director’s chair for the Metal Gear Solid movie.

Check out the fantastic remake of the Metal Gear Solid intro sequence below. A feast for the eyes for all Metal Gear fans.

Info on the making of the Metal Gear Solid intro sequence comes via ErasmusYouTube channel. Brosdau made everything using Unreal Engine 4. Various marketplace assets are used throughout. Audio is slightly remastered, new sound FX added, slightly other edits. There are some new shots and a brand new start menu animation.

His video has gained some praise from several people involved with the Metal Gear series, including some of the voice actors and Vogt-Roberts too.

There is hope from many fans around the world, that there will be another remake for Metal Gear Solid. The first Metal Gear Solid celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary on September 3rd. Could there be an announcement at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show later this month perhaps?

Either way, Erasmus Brosdau did a fantastic job with this content. Just one of many MGS inspired fan made pieces, of the iconic franchise.