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Dakar 18 Impressions From Gamescom 18

Dakar 18 Impressions From Gamescom 18


There is a flood of driving and racing games released these days, with a mix of arcade racers and realistic simulations. Dakar 18 sits on the more realistic side of the fence, but what makes it stand out from the crowd?

So what is Dakar?

Dakar is one of the most gruelling, annual rally raid races in the world. It is organised by the Amaury Sport Organisation and tasks drivers to navigate the off-road endurance event with little more than log books. These log books contain a set of instructions that give co-ordinates, directions and distance to waypoints and checkpoints that must be reached. The catch? You cannot use maps, GPS or any technology to aid your navigation.

The race takes place across several countries. In this game you’ll follow the race from Peru, Argentina and Bolivia.

Dakar Game

Dakar 18 is a racing game set in an open-world environment. It will feature both offline and online single-player and multiplayer modes. You will traverse a world of the game (about 18,000 km² in size), which is about 180 the size of GTA V and is completely explorable. To navigate this huge world, you will have to use the in-game log books and listen to your co-driver directions. You can use distinguishing features on the landscape, the direction of the sun or even the stars in the sky to guide your navigation.

The game will have a dynamic weather system, with rain affecting road conditions. There will also be a day/night cycle which adds its own pros and cons to driving. Patience, resilience and concentration is needed throughout the stages, as they will take real life hours to complete.

Dakar 18 has five categories of vehicles available, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, quads and buggies. Players will also have the option to exit their vehicle and explore the world by foot.

Damage will play a part in the game. Your tires, engine and other components will be affected by the environment. Driving on a road may be a comfy ride, but it’ll be slower. Take an off-page shortcut and you may find yourself hitting harder terrain and damaging your car. The risk adds to your decision to gain an advantage in the race.

Final thoughts

Dakar 18 is set to be an ultra-realistic racer, without the hand-holding of many other titles. It will be tough, energy-sapping and complex. As it’s based on one of the hardest races in the world, fans of the event will surely be pleased with the work Bigmoon Entertainment have put into the game.

Check out Dakar 18 when it releases on 11th of September on PS4, Xbox One and PC.