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Alt-J Performs Opening Theme For Ingress Anime

Alt-J Performs Opening Theme For Ingress Anime


English indie rock band Alt-J are lending their musical talents to the upcoming anime series, Ingress. The band are definitely not strangers to the world of geek culture.

Making their debut in 2012, Alt-J have been riding a wave of success since then. Their music features in some of the most popular movies, games and even TV shows.  Left Hand Free, taken from the second studio album features in Captain America: Civil War. Life Is Strange uses music from the band’s award winning debut album with the track ‘Something Good’ heard at the beginning of the second episode.

Now the band find themselves performing the opening theme for new anime series, Ingress. The news came after the official website posted a video showing off the opening animation. The song is called ‘Tesselltale’ and is taken from the debut album An Awesome Wave.

Ingress is based on the AR game by Niantic. It tells the story of a special agent with the ability to recall the memories of objects he touches. Investigating an explosion at a research facility, special agent Makoto finds himself drawn into a conspiracy and a race to avert a global catastrophe.

Check out the opening animation and trailer below:

Ingress will release this October in Japan on Netflix.

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