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Life Is Strange 2 Details Revealed At Gamescom

Life Is Strange 2 Details Revealed At Gamescom


Life is Strange 2 details have been revealed at Gamescom.

We’ll be saying goodbye to beloved characters Max and Chloe, as the game moves in a new direction.

In the sequel, we’ll be switching settings from high school to the expanse of Mexico. You’ll play as teenager Sean as he flees with brother Daniel from their suburban town after a terrible accident and Daniel’s manifestation of telekinesis.

IGN spoke with the team at Dontnod about the new direction of the game after the era of Max and Chloe. “[The game is] about everyday characters,” co-director Raoul Barbet said. “Relatable characters with stories you can involve yourself in, because it reflects your own experiences. With some supernatural stuff on the top.”

The creators have encouraged fans to take the characters and expand on their lives through the medium of fan fiction. “Everyone loved Max, Chloe, Rachel from Before The Storm. But [their story]…it’s done,” said Michel Koch. “We three have nothing more to tell. We don’t want to. Other people will do it, and it’s okay. There is a lot of fan fiction and that’s perfect. When the audience appropriates those characters, it’s the most wonderful thing when you create something, it’s perfect. But for us, we have nothing more to do. Take [them] and do whatever you want.”

Episode 1 of 5 is available September 27.

You can pre-order it now (on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and the Square Enix store) and get a mascot bundle, which means you can customise your in-game backpack with patches and a keyring based on the Life is Strange universe.