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GoT Used Drunken Fans To Create Dragon Scream

GoT Used Drunken Fans To Create Dragon Scream


If you’re a diehard fan of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon babies, you’re probably haunted by Viserion’s scream at the end of season seven. Well, it turns out that the shriek was much less elegant and poetic than we thought it was. Winter is Coming has reported that it was made up of the voices of drunken fans!

Sound designer, Paula Fairfield, created it by asking fans in the Burlington Bar in Chicago to scream when she said so. One fan told Winter is Coming about the experience and said, “We just, like, took an evening, drank a fuck-ton of gin and screamed our hearts out, and sent ’em off.”

According to CBR, Fairfield didn’t give away any hints about what the scream was for. The fan continued and said, “And then she came and watched the finale with us, she never told us what it was for. And then when it was all over, she leaned over and was like, ‘You guys are the ice dragon’.”

Fairfield went with the screams of drunken fans after trying and failing to create the perfect sound with jackhammers and blowtorches.

We love it when fans are included in the TV series that they love. This was a very cool move on Fairfield‘s part! We never would have guessed!

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