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‘Toy’ – Netta Barzilai – Track Of The Day

‘Toy’ – Netta Barzilai – Track Of The Day


I am a Eurovision fanatic! Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper in stiletos (which to be fair sounds like it walked off a set from a Eurovision entry) I’ve been obsessed with the glitz, glamour and campness. Oh and the music! From Verka Serduchka to Lordi, that flock of old Russian grandmothers, even Dustin the Turkey… well maybe not him! The bigger the act, the weirder or more chaotic the whole thing, the more of a chance that I am going to back it for winner and play it on loop!

So we come to 2018 and there’s a whole heap of amazing acts to choose from but my personal favourite (sorry Ireland!) is Netta Barzilai. The Israel entry is bat shit/ chicken shit crazy!

God bless her! Netta is amazing, my new best friend and MUST WIN!

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