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6 Of TV’s Most Awkward Romances

6 Of TV’s Most Awkward Romances


Valentine’s Day has come around again and this year we’re not playing cupid, we’re the stumpy little ogre who plastered wings on its back with a glue stick. 

The problem with Valentine’s Day is that some people feel the need to date someone so they’re not alone on February 14, and we’re here to tell you that sometimes it’s BETTER to be alone than to be with someone totally wrong for you.

To prove it, here are some terribly mismatched TV couples that left us with this face:


Charles Boyle and Gina Linetti – Brooklyn 99

Charles and Gina waking up in bed together prompted the same reaction in everyone watching; non-stop screaming. It was a shared chorus of horror. Why don’t they work? They’re both SO extra, but in entirely different ways. Charles makes yogurt under his desk and Gina has a seemingly endless supply of glitter spandex leotards. YOGURT AND SPANDEX DON’T MIX!

most awkward tv couples

Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani – Friends

This relationship came totally out of leftfield and I HA-AAA-TED watching it. I was really glad they put the permanent breaks on it. Joey is a sweetie pie, but he and Rachel just aren’t endgame. I know plenty are split on this, and some will say Ross and Rachel are the worst together, but I call those people haters and move on!

most awkward tv couples

Fez and Jackie Burkhart – That 70s Show

Sure, just throw seasons worth of character and relationship development for Jackie and Hyde down the drain, why don’t you? I couldn’t stand seeing Jackie with Fez, especially after he was such a CREEP for so many years, but the show had tanked by the time season 8 came along, so why not throw more fuel on the dumpster fire, eh?

most awkward tv couples

Angela Martin and Andy Bernard – The Office

I get that there had to be another corner to make a love triangle with Angela and Dwight, but Andy and Angela were just terrible together. They were poles apart, both really selfish, and Angela cheated on Andy with basically no remorse. Angela and Kevin would’ve worked better than Angela and Andy. Well, maybe I won’t go quite that far, but it was pretty much a car crash of a relationship.

most awkward tv couples

Tobias Fünke and Lindsay Bluth – Arrested Development

The fact that Lindsay married Tobias to irritate her parents says it all, but they really are one of TV’s most mismatched couples. They’re constantly on different pages (honestly, they’re not even reading the same book), bailing on each other, experimenting with ways to be together without being together and they always forget they have a daughter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely hilarious, but in terms of the Best Couple Award, they’ll have to do without.

most awkward tv couples

Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey – Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl was a show filled with bad couples, but Blair and Dan took the cake. They’re two people I would never in a million years have paired up, so when it played out in front of me on-screen, I was absolutely baffled. There’s just no excuse for it. They’re frenemies, and that’s where it stops!

most awkward tv couples

Who do you think are TV’s worst matched couples? Let us know in the comments!