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You Should Watch… IZombie

You Should Watch… IZombie


IZombie is a pretty fun take on both horror and crime fiction as a genre (I’ve mentioned my love of it before and I feel it’s severely underrated). The show focuses on Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore, as the titular zombie. Formerly a high-achieving medical student, Liv ((Rose McIver) works in a police morgue after her infection. This big change in career prospects allows her to consume the brains of John and Jane Does. In an added twist, the series explains that zombies gain personality traits from the brains they eat. Liv gradually realises that this skill can be helpful in reliving murder victims’ final moments. Consequently, she begins working with Seattle PD officer Clive (Malcolm Goodwin).This winning format means Liv the zombie can spend one episode acting like an avant-garde artist, and a psychopathic hitman in another. My favourite episode of the series sees Liv eating the brains of a fratboy, turning her into an obnoxious jock for an episode.

The show also features the talents of Rahul Kohli, who readers may recognise from  Supergirl as Jack Spheer. He plays Liv’s boss and the confidant Ravi, a mortician whose paranoia about zombies causes his firing from the CDC. Kohli provides much needed comic relief during the show’s darker moments. Malcolm Goodwin similarly does a great job as a foil to Liv. His no-nonsense cop persona is often a really entertaining contrast to Liv’s fluctuating personality. David Anders (Once Upon A Time, Heroes) provides much of the show’s conflict as a villainous zombie Blaine, who was responsible for infecting Liv. Blaine is a former drug dealer who has used his new lease on (un)life to become a brain dealer.

Despite the grim subject matter, the show is surprisingly light and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Even in its darkest moments, there’s generally a nod-and-wink vibe to the show’s writing. This makes it ideal for binge watching; which is good, because all three seasons are available on Netflix.

Have you seen IZombie? Reckon it’s worth a watch? Let us know in the comments!