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Rick and Morty Remixed – EwTube

Rick and Morty Remixed – EwTube


Has everyone been enjoying the latest season of Rick and Morty? I’ve been enjoying it quite a lot but on top of the series itself I’ve stumbled upon a channel that has been doing remixes of all (except the first) season three episodes as they come out.

Brought to us by YouTube user Chetreo, here are just some of the tunes. Which I’ve listened to a lot… a lot.

Oh, one more thing, spoilers, obviously.

I Am Alive

This song is based on episode 302, Rickmancing the Stone. As you can tell it doesn’t chronicle the events of the episode but the spoiler warnings are still advised, as a precaution if nothing else and mostly regarding the visuals of the video. Listening to this one too much may put you in a mood of existential dread though, be warned (at least it did for me).

Also, regarding the episode itself, I loved the general aesthetic. Though that could be said of a lot of the episodes.

Pickle Rick

From episode 303, Pickle Rick. I’m fairly sure this is the first of these songs I had heard. Pretty catchy, and another that I listened to quite a number of times. Alright, that can probably just be assumed of most of the songs I’m listing here.

Good Things

Skipping ahead a bit, this is episode 306, Rest and Ricklaxation‘s song. A nice tune just telling us to simply focus on the good things.


307, The Ricklantis Mixup. Pretty great episode, right?  And it didn’t even follow Rick and Morty. In a sense anyway, at least not the C137 pair. It’s about the Ricks and Morty’s living on the Citadel, which may or may not include a certain character from seasons past.

So as the season goes on, it’s not just the new episodes I’m looking forward to but the songs that will go with them. Unfortunately there’s only a few episodes left. At least the songs are all catchy enough to listen to again and again.

Have you any favourite Chetreo tracks? Let me know in the comments!