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New Justice League Photo Features Awesome Easter Egg

New Justice League Photo Features Awesome Easter Egg


This November, the cinematic DC Universe is set to expand in an exciting fashion with the release of Justice League. Honestly, at this stage, the film looks promising. The cinematography has a dark tone that echoes previous Batman films in a haunting way, and on top of that, the cast is very exciting.

Personally, I’d go see the film just for Jason Momoa as Aquaman. He was amazing in Game Of Thrones and I feel Momoa is the perfect candidate to give life to one of DC’s less celebrated heroes.

Easter Eggs Galore!

Last week, a new promotional for the film was released on Twitter to promote a fan-art contest. While the promo poster wasn’t exactly a game changer for the film, it was a geek’s dream. You could easily spend way too much time analysing the amount of Easter Eggs packed into the photo. Some are obvious enough. The image of Captain Cold. Rick and Morty playing on one of the computer monitors.

However, some of the Easter Eggs aren’t as easy to spot. And we definitely think we’ve found the best one.

A Tribute to Superman: The Movie

It’s easy to fixate on the background when looking at the promo poster. To be fair, there is a lot going on back there. However, if you take the time out to focus on what Ezra Miller (aka the Flash) is wearing I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! It turns out that the coat Barry Allen is wearing is actually modelled after Jeff East‘s jacket in Superman: The Movie.

This is such a lovely homage to Richard Donner‘s original DC film. It’s also a really nice merging of the old and the new. In a subtle way, this Easter Egg is reminding fans of DC’s roots, and how far the cinematic franchise in particular has come in recent years. Someone on DC’s promotional team definitely deserves a raise!

Take a look at some of these shots of East wearing the same jacket as Clark Kent in Superman: The Movie!

What do you think of this Easter Egg? Let us know in the comments!