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Gif Essay: Turning 21

Gif Essay: Turning 21


So, last week I finally turned the big 21. For some reason, reaching level 21 is something which is considered no less than monumental in birthday terms. It’s up there with the big 18 and all those decade birthdays. Honestly, I have no idea why, but there is definitely something different about these ‘significant’ birthdays. So what better way to express the emotional rollercoaster experienced during these birthdays than through the medium of gifs?!

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Stage One: The Stress

Everyone knows that turning a significant age like 21 is a big deal. Consequently, people end up expecting this crazy party that somehow combines the class of a soirée from The Great Gatsby with the epic unpredictability of a frat party from Bad Neighbours. Just having a few quiet pints down in the local just ain’t gunna cut it this time. As a result, your stress levels sky rocket as you attempt to sort out an impressive venue and finalise an appropriate guest list. Eventually the whole thing becomes so out of hand that you find yourself in tears at 3am, trying to decide whether you’ll serve sausages, spring rolls or both.

Stage Two: The Excitement

When the stress of finalising the party has finally subdued and everything is in place, you’re officially allowed to feel excited. After all, everyone is going to be celebrating YOU for night. Not to mention all those presents you’re going to get. As the party approaches, the excitement builds and you’ll find yourself going all out for the event: hair, nails, professional make up. You only turn 18 / 21 / 30 once after all so you might as well treat yo’ self! Ultimately, this childish giddiness takes over and you will probably find yourself pre-drinking over priced champagne before the party without feeling an ounce of guilt.

Stage Three: The Euphoria

During all the celebrations, you’ll feel nothing but a euphoric happiness. Is it a result of all that champagne and the drinks people keep buying you? Probably, but chances are you won’t care. You’ll be too busy dancing the night away with friends, feeling like life is good and content with this amazing transition into your new age.

Stage Four: The Dread

Unfortunately, the party can’t last forever, and neither can the elation. The morning after, you’ll probably wake up with the worst headache you’ve had in years, trying to remember what you did the night before, and why you woke up with a half a box of chicken nuggets in your hand. Your new-found age will suddenly dawn on you while in this post party funk, and the dread will well and truly set in. You’ll remember all those things you said you’d do before you reached this age, and beat yourself up for not doing them. Basically, you’ll just feel old and useless for the next few days.

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Stage Five: Acceptance

However, fear not. This funk will slowly pass. As the week progresses, you’ll realise with a sense of relief that there wasn’t anything special about turning the age you did. It’s just another number, and you’ll remember you’ve been doing the best you can all along. Life will gradually go on, and the world will keep on turning.