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Game Of Thrones S7 E3 ‘The Queen’s Justice’ Review

Game Of Thrones S7 E3 ‘The Queen’s Justice’ Review

*Spoilers Ahead*

The Games of Thrones seems to be well underway now that Daenerys has arrived in Westeros, had her allies attack and taken hostage.

Daenerys is losing at this point and it is kind of concerning. Not only do I not want Cersei to win, Qyburn created a dragon killing giant crossbow and I really don’t want any of the dragons to get hurt.

The Meeting

The moments fans have been waiting for finally happened and it was perfect. Jon, Davos and a few men were essentially trapped on Dragonstone with no weapons, or a boat. Strategic but also kinda necessary. Jon and Tyrion have a little chit chat before Drogon flies by just a little too close. Again this could very easily have been seen as a display of strength but I digress.

The meeting in the dark and dimly lit throne room goes something like this. Daenrys gets the hype woman of the century and all Jon gets is Davos. This scene was genuinely funny because Davos is one of the most likeable characters in this show and he doesn’t pretend to be something he is not and for that he will always have my respect. The rest of the scene is essentially Daenrys saying bend the knee and Jon saying no but asking for her help to defeat the White Walkers.

They are cut from the same cloth for sure… The best thing that comes out of this meeting is that Daenrys lets Jon mine his dragonglass and even gives him people to help with that task…..all thanks to Tyrion. Tyrion has a way with words that even managed to sway Daenry’s heart.


We Need To Talk About Bran

Bran Stark is so different from who he was before as in he doesn’t seem to have feelings anymore. When he arrives at Winterfell obviously Sansa was delighted. She hasn’t seen him in like 5 seasons! However Bran says pretty much the worst thing to her within a day. Essentially “I am the 3 eyed raven and you looked beautiful on your wedding night”. If Bran can see everything that has ever happened then he must know what happened to Sansa on her wedding night.

Talk about putting your foot in your mouth!

A Kiss For A Kiss

We all know that Cersei is really really cruel and that she loves a bit of vengeance. When Ellaria gave Myrcella her fairwell kiss at the end of Season 5 I knew something was up. This was confirmed when Myrcella died in her fathers arms and Ellaria drinks an antidote for the poison coating her lips.

What Ellaria didn’t know is that Cersei had Qyburn reverse engineer the poison.That poison was the very same poison that was on Ellaria’s daughter Tyene. Cersei administered the poison in the same way that Ellaria administered hers. The main difference is that Ellaria and Tyene were chained in a dungeon a few feet away from each other but are unable to touch.

Cersei deliberately wants Ellaria to watch her child die and decompose right in front of her. Harsh but Ellaria killed an innocent child. Looks like Queen Cersei got the justice she deserved.

We Are Winning… Wait…

We finally get to see the beginning of Daenrys attack on the Lannisters begin. First we see how it would have been if not for the planning of a teenager with too much time on his hands. Essentially if Tyrion hadn’t built a secret passage for his lady callers The Unsullied would be decimated. Mind you Daenerys doesn’t know what has happened to The Greyjoys and The Sands.

What they all forgot to think about was the fleet under the control of Euron, who pretty much pounced at the perfect time leaving the Unsullied in Casterly Rock stranded with no way to hold the castle since there was no food left.

But where are the Lannister troops? They are well out of reach……in The Reach.

Queen of Sass

Taking over The Reach was obscenely easy but as Olenna didn’t seem too surprised.
Olenna Tyrell, Queen of Truth Bombs. Jamie treats Olenna with respect. This is why I like Jamie, he’s not as ruthless and blood thirsty as his sister. Cersei wanted her to die painfully but Jamie came to the rescue like the charming knight he is. He had a painless poison that would kill Olenna swiftly. Isn’t that nice of him?

What happened next however would make him regret that decision. After downing the contents of the vial like a champ Olenna starts reminiscing about the satisfying death of King Joffrey choking on his wedding day. She then confesses to killing the wretched man and wants Jamie to tell Cersei that is was her. I couldn’t help but clutch at my invisible pearls. Jamie could have easy killed her then if he wanted but he left her to die on her own.

I don’t blame him either. What do you say to that? What do you do? Olenna Tyrell just dropped a major bomb on him. The best thing to do is acknowledge you were bested and to carry on.

This episode had quite a few highs so I have high hopes for the rest of the season.

Did you enjoy the Daenerys and Jon meeting like we did? Let us know in the comments below!