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Game Of Thrones S7 E2 ‘Stormborn’ Review

Game Of Thrones S7 E2 ‘Stormborn’ Review


*Spoilers Ahead*


After the rushed feeling I got from the first episode I was happy to see a slightly slower pace. There wasn’t too much crammed into the episode either so I felt like I could appreciate everything that happened better.

Seeing Daenrys a little restless was completely understandable she came to westerns to win back her throne but she can’t how she wanted to. As a result she ends up listening to her hand but going for Varys after approaching him so normally. I don’t think the spider himself knew what he was in for when she turned her attention on him. Varys handled it like a champ and proved just how resourceful he is. Varys would be able to disappear long before Daeny ever discovered his betrayal if he ever will betray her that is.

Dettol Anyone?

Jorah initially gets some sad news about his scaley condition. He’ll live for 10 to 20 years but will go crazy in as little as 6 months…and then he’s given a choice to commit suicide by sword. But never fear Jorah, Sam is here. A lot of people underestimate the scholar in a lot of shows and get proven very wrong. Sam is no exception, not only does he risk his own health to help Jorah…..he doesn’t throw up while doing it. It was one of the most vomit inducing scenes I’ve seen on GOT so far. The editing didn’t help either because all of a sudden a juicy pie was spilling its pus coloured sauce all over a utensil.

Wayward Daughter

Arya has a very short but sweet scene and another kind of heartbreaking one in this episode. She meets Hot Pie again, who is still the pleasant fellow we remember for season 2! He not only feeds her but gives her some wonderful news that there are Starks in Winterfell once again. Cut to Arya leaving the pub and a few tense seconds in which she has to chose whether or not she wants to keep ticking names off her list or go home… she made the right choice for sure.

On her way home she meets an old friend. As soon as I saw her horse being skittish I knew we’d be seeing Nymeria soon and my heart broke for Arya. They were reunited briefly and split ways just as quick. Nymeria either didn’t recognise this person who Arya had become or she just didn’t want to be with her anymore which was very sad.

Love Is In The Air

Missandei and Grey Worm have both been through so much so I was more than happy to see them confess their love for each other. I was a bit taken a back….in a good way to see them take their relationship a bit further. I was a bit anxious for Grey Worm however because undressing for someone he loves must be tough on him and you see vulnerability in him when he looks away. Missandei however loves him as he is and it warmed the heart. Also I was delighted to see a consensual sex scene with oral sex for a woman! It’s a change from the more common rape scenes.


Euron Greyjoy is a cocky, nearly insufferable asshole but who wouldn’t be when you can sneak up on a fleet of ships with your own fleet of ships and destroy them! I really wished they held off a bit while Yara and Ellaria were getting their flirt on. It would be nice to see a more bisexual representation in shows but alas is wasn’t meant to be for these two.

Not only do Euron and his men destroy Yara and Theons fleet. He kills two of the Sand Snakes, Nym and Obara, which was honestly disappointing as hell. He’s a glorified sailor who can fight.

They have been trained in combat with deadly poisoned weapons but he takes them down fairly easily. I can’t help but think Oberyn would have been disappointed. Euron then captures Ellaria and Tyene and strikes fear into the heart of his nephew. Theon is so terrified to fight his uncle he literally jumps ship and leaves Yara to her fate……..Reek is back.

I was so disappointed that after everything Yara did for him, he tucked his tail between his legs and ran. I was routing for you man, we all were, even Euron was so he could kill him but still.

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