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Game of Thrones S7 E7 Finale ‘The Dragon and The Wolf’ Review

Game of Thrones S7 E7 Finale ‘The Dragon and The Wolf’ Review


** Spoilers Ahead**

It’s kind of hard to believe that season 7 has come to an end. The end of last week’s episode felt like a season finale cliffhanger, but it only got better from there! This episode in comparison to previous ones was far longer but also had so much more substance. Some scenes in past episodes seemed forced, disjointed and out of place but ‘The Dragon and The Wolf’ flowed smoothly. There were some truly powerful moments and it made for great viewing.

After losing Viserion last week I am delighted that the meeting between the game’s big players actually went ahead. Cersei could have easily chosen not to entertain it. I could almost feel the tension radiating from the screen; I’ve never been happier or more nervous for a season finale! The episode really hit the ground running with Daenerys’ army positioned outside Kings Landing, but with no Dany to be found… at first.

The Meeting

Seeing so many people together at once, however, made me really anxious. I wouldn’t trust Cersei as far as I could throw her. She absolutely still has a few tricks up her sleeves. The meeting took place in the Dragonpit, an apt place for it in a way, and the atmosphere was tense as everyone stood around waiting for both the queens to arrive. Strangely, I expected Cersei to arrive last, and I’m sure she expected that too, but Daenerys flew in like the boss she is and blew her entrance right out of there.

As far as family reunions go, this episode definitely knew how to make them uncomfortable. If looks could kill, Tyrion would be dead a hundred times over, Sandor and Gregor had their little moment and Theon looked his uncle in the eyes WITHOUT peeing, so overall things went pretty well for Team Dragon.

Seeing as Euron can’t go five minutes without having a little attention, he broke the ice by threatening poor Theon, but eventually we got to the show-and-tell part of the episode. Seeing Cersei almost lose control of her bowels was worth nearly losing Jon beyond the wall. Almost.

I am beyond grateful that Cersei actually believed what she saw. However, seeing Euron practically turn tail and run was absolutely beautiful. The cocky ass was right though; this foe is unlike anything they have faced before.

Cersei’s attempting to put her spin on the conditions of the truce really put a wrench in the works because Jon just HAD to be honest (y’know, because of his upbringing and shit… worked great for daddy didn’t it Jon?). All he had to do was agree to not pick a queen and everything would be hunky dory. Alas, Jon is too good for his own good. Cersei sees what disadvantage she is at since Jon has bent the knee and calls an end to the meeting, which only went on for about 10 minutes! Talk about anticlimactic. To be fair, Cersei is a snake in the grass so she could have 180’d on any deal made with Jon anyway.

Brotherly love

Tyrion Lannister is one of the bravest men in Westeros. To actually go to Cersei on his own must have taken all the strength he possessed, and seeing them talk one-on-one after so long was like a breath of fresh air. The fact that she didn’t kill him as soon as they were alone – with the mountain two feet away – gained what’s left of House Lannister a couple of points. Not even Cersei could deny the love Tyrion has for his niece and nephew. His love for his family is beautiful and awe-inspiring considering his sister has wanted him dead from the moment he took his first breath. So seeing Cersei walk back into that arena shortly after her brother was a victorious moment, which unfortunately didn’t last long.

I honestly had way too much faith in Cersei. I should have known that she would be two faced in her approach. Her strategy – to sit back and wait for the armies of the north to be destroyed – was not what I expected and I honestly feel foolish for doing so. Of course her words mean nothing. She’s a strategist and she learned well from her father. Tywin would probably be very proud.

What I didn’t anticipate was the fact that she would keep Jaime out of the loop. Her actions have cost her the loyalty of her love and I doubt there is anything she could do to gain it back. Jaime has been blinded by his affection for Cersei for so long but this betrayal is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Not only did she not tell him of her plans, she conspired with Euron ‘Big Mouth’ Greyjoy behind Jaime’s back. So Jaime did what any sane person would do… he turned his back on her, walked away and left King’s Landing.

Oh Cersei, your stubbornness will be your undoing.

Fool me once…

Seeing Sansa keeping company with Littlefinger in Winterfell has given me chills since day one (and not in a good way, Baelish, you creep). It got to the stage where I literally wanted to shake some sense into her. Littlefinger has straight up shown his true colours (MULTIPLE TIMES) yet he still has his head… he is a parasite and Sansa willingly let him worm his way into her mind.

Arya and Sansa have never been the closest of siblings, but seeing how well they tricked that vile cretin left me euphoric! I cried happy petty tears at the level of sneaking Sansa and Arya had to do to make this happen. Seeing Littlefinger’s past catch up with him was pure justice. Sansa calling Baelish out like that in the great hall in front of everyone gave me the biggest grin.

The worry on his face after seeing the Starks and ‘his men’ turn on him was the best. Watching him plead for his life while professing his love for both Caitlin and Sansa was gratifying. And the look on his face when Arya slices his throat with his own dagger was picture perfect.  It would have done him well to remember that not only does the north remember, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

I’m so happy that they were toying with Baelish and it wasn’t the other way around. I am sorry I ever doubted Arya, Sansa and Bran. They learned very well and although I don’t think their father would approve of their methods, they protected their own and that is what truly matters.


The Dragon and The Wolf was a very apt name for this episode because the moments between Daeny and Jon were telling. Jon going to Dany and seeing them together felt really sudden, but it makes sense in a way; why else would Dany’s inability to have more children be such a hot topic? It had to be going somewhere.

The chemistry they have in comparison to their previous on-screen partners appears to be lacking but I could very well be in the minority here. I’m still on the fence about this whole Jon and Dany thing, but whatever helps the plot move along I suppose.

Incest seems to be best when it comes to royal families it seems! Whatever floats their boat, eh? Also, Jon’s peach-perfect butt deserves a mention. I mean, it’s a good thing he wears all those skirts and furs because nobody would get anything done if that thing was on display.

Wayward Son

Seeing Jon and Theon make up was tear-inducing. I feel awful for Theon because he has gone through so much. He has changed from all of the things he has gone through and it seems like it might be for the better. Seeing him come full circle and own up to his short comings was something the viewers needed.

Seeing him get wailed on, however, filled me with such rage. He was honestly trying to do the right thing and this is what he gets?! Yara would have been proud of him standing up for her like that. Watching him earn back his men like that to go save his sister felt right. And that shot of him collapsing onto his knees in the sea was just gorgeous. It was like he was being reborn, like some of the old Theon (the good part of him) was returning.

Family Secrets

FINALLY!!! More than one person knows the truth about Jon’s lineage! He is no bastard. He never has been.

Bran obviously isn’t as all-knowing as he thinks he is because if it wasn’t for the juicy secret that Gilly told Sam, he wouldn’t know about the secret wedding of Rhaegar and Lyanna. He would still think that Jon was a Sand. Bran obviously needs to confirm this new found knowledge and, sure enough, confirms not only is Jon a Targaryen, his name is Aegon Targaryen and he is actually the heir to the Iron Throne.

I was hoping we’d see Jon join the other Starks and find out about who he really is this episode, but I suppose they have to keep some bombshells for Season 8.

Dead wights walking

Having a three eyed raven on your side must be handy, because at least you don’t have to wait until it’s too late for vital information. While Bran is warging with his ravens, we finally see the White Walkers reach the wall, Blue-Eyes White Dragon in tow. Viserion aids the Night King in destroying the wall and opening the doorway to the North. Watching the sheer numbers of them walking is enough to fill anyone with dread. Tormund is there when they break through, but does he survive the destruction? I don’t know, and we have a long time to wait before finding out.

All in all, season 7 was a great season for Game of Thrones. Not too many favourites died, and the people who did die mostly deserved it. The character development for so many of the characters was brilliant, but some characters were oddly under-utilised. Season 8 has been set up nicely and honestly I’m already put-out by the fact we have to wait over a year for it to grace our screens again.

Did you enjoy this season? Do you have any predictions for Season 8? Let us know in the comments below!