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Game Of Thrones S7 E4 ‘The Spoils of War’ Review

Game Of Thrones S7 E4 ‘The Spoils of War’ Review

*Spoilers ahead because this episode was a gem*

Welcome Home

My not so happy mood disappeared as soon as I saw Arya walking up to the gates of Winterfell. She was home and I was over joyed but anxious at the same time. The Starks are not the luckiest bunch so I just wanted to see Arya, Sansa and Bran together in the same scene!

It didn’t take too long for me to get my wish. The Sansa and Arya reunion was more heartwarming than the Arya and Bran one by a mile but Bran gave Arya a thoughtful gift. The blade that was intended to end Brans life back in Season 1. A blade that was given to Bran by Littlefinger nonetheless. How Littlefinger got the blade isn’t clear but the blade in good hands for sure.

Arya also has a pretty awesome sparring session with Brienne and it was so awesome seeing two bad ass women fighting each other. Also when Arya said no one taught her I couldn’t help but smirk since her fighting stance was Syrio’s.

I Told You So

Long story short this Jon and Daenrys scene was essentially a way to convince her that Jon was right about the Whitewalkers she believes don’t exist. How does she get swayed you ask? By some cave paintings done by the Green Children ages ago. They are remarkably preserved but show that the first men and the green children joined forces against the WhiteWalkers. I found this all to convenient but what can I say, if multiple people, including my trusted hand, told me that ice zombies were a thing I’d be a bit concerned.

Daenrys ends up getting some bad news shortly after this about Yara, Ellaria and their hopes of getting the Dornish forces to come fight. The Unsullied at Casterly Rock. Daenrys asks for advice from Jon who specifically tells her not to go for Kings Landing. She seems to take this advice because the next time we see Daenrys she is leading a horde of Dothraki screamers into battle with the troops leaving The Reach.

Well Done Soldiers

Jamie and his troops seem to be very happy until Bronn heard something a bit nefarious. As soon as I heard it I knew it was going to be the Dothraki and I was not disappointed. I’ve never wanted to see an army destroyed more and then in flies Daenrys on Drogon’s back and I was done. The moment Daenerys said “Dracarys” I knew that this would be a nail biting scene.

My heart rate spiked and I was enthralled. Because seeing the Dothraki reminded me of something Robert Baratheon said way back in Season 1. He said “Only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field” and fools they were indeed. The Dothraki spend so much of their lives on horse back that of course they are going to have a upper hand in a fight. Their archers practically stood on the back of their horses and didn’t lose balance!

Honestly it brought a tear to my eye a little bit but however I didn’t want Jaime to get hurt. Watching the Lannister supplies get torched felt like a big eff you to Cersei because I thought the gold was still there. So I figured the Iron Bank isn’t going to be too keen to support her now since it was gone. But luckily for Cersei her brother is thoughtful and sent the gold ahead.

Everything was going swimmingly until Jaime mentioned about a scorpion over there. At first I overlooked that until Bronn actually uncovered the scorpion, Qyburn’s dragon killing machine and I got worried. I has my fingers crossed that Drogon wouldn’t get hit but the range I felt when he was intense. I’ve always liked Bronn but I honestly hated him the moment Drogon was hit and made that yelping noise. I was happy it didn’t kill him but it was way too close a call for my liking.

Jaime did the dumbest thing he’s ever done and tried to attack a mother tending to her wounded dragon. Luckily for him Bronn had his back and grabbed him as he dove out of harms way. Unfortunately for him he landed in some reasonably deep water whie wearing metal armour. I hope he doesn’t die. I hope Daenerys captures him, that would get to Cersei quite a bit for sure.

This was the perfect mid season episode and I’m already looking forward to episode 5 ‘Eastwatch’. Mind you I have a feeling the Whitewalkers might be making an appreance in the next episode so we’ll just have to wait and see.

What did you think of that episode? Were you taken by surprise? Did you know that Dickon is a Tarly? Let us know in the comments below.