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Best Of Dogs Overreact – Gif Essay

Best Of Dogs Overreact – Gif Essay


It’s no secret, I’m a sucker for cute canines. Who doesn’t love a big furry face smiling up at you? Don’t get me wrong, cats are fine. But dogs take 1st place for me simply for one reason: they’re idiots at the best of times. No matter how many genius collies you see running agility courses and solving basic puzzles, there are always 10 more bulldogs running into glass doors. That’s why this week I’m sharing the top picks from my new favourite subreddit: Dogs Overreact.  

Typical Beagle

I can’t tell you how much this sums up my dog. When I got him, I had read that this breed was prone to obesity. However, I never quite understood why. “It’s fine!” I said, “I’ll just walk him lots and make sure he doesn’t get too chubby!” Oh, how wrong I was. You cannot get between a Beagle and his food, as this gif no doubt proves.

 Fluffy Cloud Hates Lemon

If you’ve never seen a dog react to a lemon, you’re missing out. I love seeing this reaction. It’s always hilarious. I don’t know what it is about a dog’s taste buds but citrus is not kind to them, and it makes them go batshit insane.

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Well, He’s Gone!

Are we sure this dog isn’t a stone being skipped on the water? Seriously I don’t think he’s ever gonna come back. You’re gonna be on a ferry one day and see this dog skipping over the waves. The ocean’s call was just too strong!

Nerd Alert

Even dogs love Star Wars! Seriously, I don’t care if I’m shelling out about €180 for the remote control BB-8, it’s worth it to see this puppy’s reaction! Yes, it’s probably ending up chewed to shreds after a few hours when he catches it. But still worth it!

bb-8 attacks a puppy!

What Did You Say?!

I love this dog and I especially love his reaction. I wanna make this gif my go-to reaction for whenever I need to shut someone up. It looks like his owner just told a really bad pun and the dog is so over it. Or maybe he’s just bored and thought, “Wonder what happens when I do this?” Either way, I love it!

Well, that’s my new obsession! How about you guys? Got any other cute dogs to show off? What have you been sinking your hours into lately? Let us know in the comments below and on our Facebook page!