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Dealing With The Con Flu – Struggle Is Real

Dealing With The Con Flu – Struggle Is Real


Con Flu Epidemic

After a hectic weekend, crammed in with other fans, it’s no surprise you’ve been hit with Con Flu. A weekend battling elements in skimpy attire or hiding from the sun bunbled in heavy fabrics. Con Flu is very real and it’s very annoying. Here’s how to identify your symptons…

It’s Just A Sneeze…

No it isn’t and there’s never just one sneeze! You’ll experience a torrential explosion of sneezing and then it will pass. Only for a mind numbing pain to follow…

Insane In The Membrane

The slow numb pain travels from one side of your head to the other. Sure, it could be result of little sleep but we both know it’s Con Flu…

Sleep Perchance Not To Die

That lack of sleep? Well it’s catching up and every spare muscle you have is drained. Lifting your head is a chore so grab a pillow and wrap up…

Bed Time

Getting out of bed isn’t always the easiest thing to do. When you’re smothered with Con Flu though it’s even harder to accomplish. Prepare your self to feel like death all day long…

The Walking Dead

Forget being a functional human being for a few days. No my friend you are a walking pile of gross and ick. You feel hot, cold, sleepy, drained, sticky and cranky all day long!

Good news though! There’s another convention just around the corner, so buck up and prepare to do it all again!