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‘Atomic’ – Blondie – Track Of The Day

‘Atomic’ – Blondie – Track Of The Day


The reason for this choice (other than the ongoing epicness of Blondie) is the recent release of the awesome looking Atomic Blonde, an upcoming thriller film. My first reaction to hearing about this movie was assuming it was about Blondie, but then I realised it was to be something even cooler! Charlize Theron rarely fails me in the kick-ass female stakes, but I’m worried I’ve set my sights a little too high on this one.

The trailer of the film makes it look almost like a loose adaption of one of my favourite comics, Velvet, by Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting and Elizabeth Breitweizer. So as we head for the cinema I have the hopeful lyrics of Blondie in my head anyway – ‘make it magnificent’.

Make that slump go away

Blondie is a band I have a love of because of my mum and a stubborn disagreement with my popular music lecturer about female lead rock bands – but that’s a story for another time!

‘Atomic’ is one of the band’s real cracker tunes and as you head for that awful mid-week slump (made even worse by the bank holiday hangover), keep your head high and remember to “make it right, make it magnificent”.