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‘Work Song’ – Hozier – Track of the Day

‘Work Song’ – Hozier – Track of the Day


Today’s Track of the Day is from Hozier and his debut self titled album Hozier. Fans are anxiously awaiting the second album – I count myself among them –  so I thought we could do with one of his greats.

When I first heard of Hozier, it was through the song ‘Take Me To Church’ and for a while, it was pretty much everywhere. Then I purchased the album from iTunes and began listening to the other songs. I think it is hard for any artist to have an absolute perfect album, as there are going to be songs that are less popular or less enjoyed. That being said, Hozier has a debut album that has some wonderful songs on it.

I have listened to it several times, and I of course have my favourite songs. ‘Take Me To Church’ is definitely still my favourite. However, today’s Track of the Day has slowly and steadily climbed up to the number two spot of my favourite Hozier songs, ‘Work Song’.

‘Work Song’ just really has great lyrics and melody. To me, it is a song about unconditional love. No matter the past, or some of the wrongs done, those who love unconditionally will forgive you. That is a truly powerful song to me. So, without any more babbling from me… here is ‘Work Song’ by Hozier: