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Whatchu Doin’… Laura

Whatchu Doin’… Laura


To say this has been a busy month for me would be an understatement. I have been absolutely run ragged over the past few weeks. Why? Because I just moved out of my parent’s house into a new apartment! And yes, I am telling everyone! I can’t tell you how happy this experience has been, but holy Jesus I’m knackered! It’s also been pretty weird. I never thought I’d find myself at a point where the phrase “Let’s go buy new throw pillows!” would be exciting. But here we are!

I’m An Adult Now!

That said, my nerdy tendencies are definitely flaring up here. I’ve had to fight myself on the daily when it comes to buying more geeky decor. Cos sure, you don’t need a waffle iron that’s shaped like the Death Star. Sure we don’t even eat waffles in Ireland. But come on, it looks cool! 

Most of my week has been spent like this: Trying to find a special spot for each and every figurine, putting autographs and pieces from artist alleys in frames, trying to make everything look as tastefully geeky and adult-like as possible. I mean, I know it’s hard to believe an adult would have a teddy bear dressed as Kylo Ren on display, but who said you could judge! …The lightsaber helps protect me from the monsters at night.

So all in all, I’m going to be using every last cent of my money on crap that looks cool but does nothing. That’s pretty much adulthood, right? That and endless amounts of cleaning? Sounds about right.

Let’s Kill Everyone

Whenever I’m not spending all my time cleaning, I’ve been playing Bio Inc. Redemption. I’m a huge fan of the Plague Inc. games. Don’t know if it’s my inner hypochondriac or I’m just a murderous psychopath, but seeing a plague destroy the entire world is very fun! So when I heard Bio Inc. takes that down to a human level and you have to try and destroy just one person I was all in! Again, we can see how childish I truly am, cos I quickly realised if you name the patient ‘This Fat Bastard’ every sentence turns hilarious. “This Fat Bastard is now obese!” “This Fat Bastard can’t control his bladder!” Takes you right back to those days when you would name your Pokémon dirty words.

Interestingly, this game doesn’t just focus on the killing the way Plague Inc. does. There’s also a campaign to save a patient from diseases. I think it’s a really nice touch! I’ve already completed the entire Life campaign on lethal difficulty. Needless to say, there was a lot of “LIVE YOU FAT BASTARD! LIIIIIIIIVE!” during those missions. I’m starting the Death campaign now. Hopefully the tactical knowledge I gained during the Life campaign will help me through this one.

… The strategy is to give everyone Lupus.

For The Horde!

Finally, once I’m done killing This Fat Bastard I’ll be moving back to Azeroth. I know, I had a rough experience with WoW before, but I’ve since made my peace. I’m well off the curve in terms of content. However the recent patches have caught my attention, so I’m intending to go back to help my little space goat priest get to Argus.

However, in the interest of staying as far off curve as possible, I’m going back to the starter zones first. When I first started WoW, I was advised to pick Alliance. My boyfriend was on Alliance, his friends were there, and the Draenai were pretty. There wasn’t a huge reason to not go Alliance. That said, I really like the Horde better. The Alliance comes off as self-righteous pricks at the best of times, in my opinion. I mean, sure, the Horde came to Azeroth looking to invade the planet. But that was Gul’dan’s fault! The Horde just wanted a home! They’re fighting for survival whereas the Alliance comes off as “Fuck these homeless guys, get them off my doorstep!”

I am exaggerating of course, but in all seriousness, I think I identify a lot more with the Horde. Looking forward to starting from scratch and getting to experience the story from start to end. Plus it gives me an excuse to buy a lot of Horde merchandise like throws and fridge magnets and… Yeah I might have a problem.

So how about you, readers? What have you been up to? Anyone have any tips for saving my wallet in the new apartment? Hate the Horde and wanna fight me? Shout it out in the comments and on our Facebook.