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Preacher S02E04 ‘Viktor’ Review

Preacher S02E04 ‘Viktor’ Review


Hi people! Sorry for the delay in this review, the last two weeks have been hectic and I couldn’t find time to sit down and write this review until now. In fact I’ve fallen a bit behind with this reviewing business (real life got in the way in a spectacular fashion) so it’s time to catch up.

There was also another issue, Prime Video originally posted this episode without subtitles, it only had Japanese subtitles, which was annoying. Sure, at this stage I might not need subtitles but I prefer to watch things with them anyway, they help me grasp vocabulary better.

Anyway, on the previous episode of Preacher it looked like things were going to be bad for Tulip. Let’s see what happened here.

“That was your worst memory?”

As in the previous episode the action is split between the characters. On the one hand we have Tulip, then Jesse and Cassidy and lastly, Arseface.

I will focus on Arseface first, solely because on the previous episode he ended up in a strange situation. I mean, sharing a cell block in Hell with Hitler… However, something weird is going on in Hell, there’s a lot of malfunctioning stuff.

I was quite confused by Hitler‘s worst memory anyway. I expected something like him and Eva Braun in the bunker, or something war related. But we just see him in a very awkward date, I’m sure there’s more to it than that but I just still find weird that’s his worst memory.

I’ve no idea where this Hell plotline is heading towards. There was a moment where Arseface meets what might be the Warden (who has a cool and creepy distorted voice) and she’s all like “You’re a sweet and caring person” which made me think she was going to say that he didn’t belong there. But no, apparently that kind of shit isn’t allowed there, which is quite weird. Especially since Arseface is still alive. I just have many questions about Heaven and Hell in this show. Especially the Hole they threaten him with.

I was quite surprised to see a familiar face in Hell though. There’s this guard that looks huge and I couldn’t put my finger on who it was, and then I remembered. It was professional wrestler Tyrus! Though I still think of him as the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay, which was his ring name on WWE.

“What are we going to do with you?”

On the Tulip front, things are weird.

She gets taken to a mansion where we finally meet the mysterious Viktor. That encounter is tense, especially because there’s someone tortured in the next room, but Tulip seems to be safe, for the time being.

She doesn’t do much this episode, apart from receiving worried texts from Cassidy. That and walking around Viktor’s mansion trying to talk to people. I say trying because most of them give them the cold shoulder and look at her like they wouldn’t piss on her if she were on fire.

She gets to kick some ass though, this show could do with more scenes where Ruth Negga kicks ass. In fact, everything would be better if we had her kicking ass, so someone should take note of that. However that doesn’t last long. Still, that shot of her walking up the stairs was one of my favourite things of this episode.

“It’s Game of Thrones”

Meanwhile, Jesse’s search of God takes a weirder direction. While watching an infomercial (with a Frankie Muniz cameo!) they see a familiar face. Annville’s Fake God. And after some research they find his name (Mark Harelik, played by Mark Harelik!) and try to find out what was the deal with that.

There’s something I wonder about the scene with the agent. Cassidy namedrops Game of Thrones to get his interest. I wonder how much of that comes from both shows sharing the same timeslot a year ago. I found it funny, especially with the knockoff music that plays during that scene.

The audition tape gives some answers and many more questions. Not that we explore those in this episode because Jesse has to find out what’s the deal with Tulip. And that leads to a fight scene with an oddly fitting choice of music.

There’s something I’ve been mulling over about this show. Jesse and Tulip had a main source of conflict in the comic book. Jesse’s pride and ego. While Tulip could hold herself in a fight Jesse always had this whole “I need to do this alone as a man” that frustrated her. The conflict here is different, he considers her an equal but they both keep ugly secrets from each other, and they will come to light. Like in this episode.

And the Saint is coming too. To make things worse

Anyway, see you next week when I write the next review.