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Preacher S02E02 ‘Mumbai Sky Tower’ Review

Preacher S02E02 ‘Mumbai Sky Tower’ Review


Episode one finished in a cliffhanger, but this was a double premiere so the next episode aired the following day. Preacher has a time slot on Mondays now, this probably means that Prime will get it on Tuesdays.

That’s good, it means it won’t be competing against Game of Thrones or Twin Peaks. Although there was something funny about a show like this airing on Sundays.

“Another problem solved by guns!”

When last episode ended with the Saint walking towards Jesse I had one question. What if it wasn’t the Saint? He wasn’t affected by the Voice, so I thought maybe it was something else. In the comic Jesse has John Wayne as an imaginary friend/spirit guide/conduit-for-Genesis-giving-information, and I thought he’d be introduced now. It wasn’t the case, though I hope he gets introduced later on.

That cliffhanger resolution was a bit bullshit. I actually paused and rewinded just to check I had seen what I had seen. If God is has left, then there shouldn’t be a deus ex machina. But I guess it was the easiest way to set the stage for the massacre in the motel.

That escape from the motel was intense, but I liked the black humour there was to that scene. There was something I liked about that truck, the shoutout to Axel Alonso, who was Preacher‘s editor way before he started working at Marvel.

“If you say Gandalf, I’m going to hit you”

We finally get some reactions to what went down in Annville, although at the worst possible moment. I was wondering if this was going to be an elephant in the room case, where the characters wouldn’t acknowledge what happened. All in all they don’t seem that sad about it, except Tulip.

The show doesn’t dwell there. They have to time,. And, for once, Cassidy has a good idea of where to go next. To see the Amazing Ganesh. Who is none other than Fiore the angel.

The whole flashback depicting how he turned out that way is my favourite part of this episode. I found it funny how he keeps trying to die only to come back again, so he makes an act out of it. I guess that’s one of those things that only happen in show business. It reminds me a lot of the Pagliacci joke from Watchmen, but taken to the extreme.

“Find peace”

Their whole meeting doesn’t really go well. Fiore spills the beans that the Saint tracks the Voice and that he doesn’t want to call him off. Cassidy manages to convince him, at first I thought it’d involve torture, I mean he had a blowtorch! But no, they just get high and build a blanket fort, and talk about foreskins. Seriously, what’s with Cass and foreskins?!

The show’s also setting an additional conflict, Tulip. Turns out there’s some unresolved issues for her in New Orleans. I wasn’t expecting that, in the comics the one with issues in New Orleans is Cassidy. Those issues had to do with a vampire who was a bit like an Anne Rice vampire, so I always thought that when the show did that they’d update it to a Twilight type of vampire. There’s still time. However, Tulip has a cool fight scene, even messier than the one she had in the pilot.

The ending had me screaming at my laptop. They set to New Orleans because if God likes jazz there’s no better place, and they draw the Saint out, only for Fiore to double-cross them and double down on what he asked of the Saint, the snake! And Jesse? He has the power to make anyone do what he says, and he doesn’t think of making sure that he won’t be betrayed?!

I found the episode short, it wasn’t as action-packed as the first one. I wasn’t a fan of the whole “Let’s marry” side plot. But all in all Preacher is back, and it looks like there’s going to be more action than in season one. If we get the Grail and Jesse’s grandma then I’ll be happy