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Firelight Tabletop RPG Heads To Kickstarter

Firelight Tabletop RPG Heads To Kickstarter


Questing By Firelight

Enjoy card games? Enjoy tabletop roleplaying games? Well mash those genres together and you get Firelight. A fantasy role-playing card game that works for seasoned rpg adventurers and those just looking to dabble for the very first time.

There are 8 character classes to choose from and then a multitude of personality traits to tack on and create your own unique hero. You then take your hero out on a quest and face off against monsters, find treasure and prove your worth.

What caught my eye about this Kickstarter straight away was the art for the game!

I kind of want to own the game just so I fawn over the card designs.

The rewards for backing Firelight are pretty standard with copies of the game and early access to expansions available. There are three stretch goals currently known with a fourth obscured. By hitting their target and earning extra, players can help upgrade the quality of card used, the box and the dice.

With 28 days to go the Kickstarter has reached 63% of it’s target. Speaking about Firelight and the campaign Eric Woods founder of HobbyHorse Games said, “The incredible passion of our players and the early success of our campaign show just how powerful the genre can be when it really captures your imagination.”

To back the campaign or just learn a little more about it then check out the Kickstarter campaign page here. Additionally to see more of what HobbyHorse Games do, you can find their official website here.