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Crash Bandicoot (First4Figures) – Fig Watch

Crash Bandicoot (First4Figures) – Fig Watch


Hey guys, I’m back with another figure!

It’s another First4Figures offering but this time it’s a PVC figure. This means it’ll be a bit lighter on your wallet! However, I do promise my next one will not be from these guys again.

So this time we have a 9″ Crash Bandicoot PVC figure, and it looks real good. You can see the figure, as well as some close-up detail images right here:

This figure will set you back $89.99 excluding shipping, which is around €80 or £70. For this money, you get everything you see in the image below. The numbered figure, a store display box, inside a special crate box exclusive to their website, and an authentication card.

The figure is expected to be released in August, but if you’re interested you better hurry as orders close for the limited edition run on Tuesday, July 11. You can find the figure right here.