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Favourite Elder Scrolls Legends Cards – The List

Favourite Elder Scrolls Legends Cards – The List


Rejoice! Elder Scrolls Legends is releasing on mobile, and you better believe that I’ll be trying to download it as soon as I get the chance!

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, however, Elder Scrolls Legends is the Elder Scrolls themed card game. I won’t go too far into the details but essentially you can make decks that consist of two attributes (colours). There are generally two combat lanes and you need to bring your opponent to zero health or less, of course.

It’s my digital card game of choice anyway (Sorry, Pokémon) and though I may prefer certain coloured decks, there are stand-out cards I like from each of them! Here are some of my favourites:

Agility (Green) – Quin’rawl Burglar

A lot of Bosmer and Khajiit can be found in agility cards, as well as cards with pilfer or drain effects (the effects are not exclusive or exhaustive as I list them). One of the most powerful (or annoying, depending on which side you’re on) cards in the game as a whole is Quin’rawl Burglar and it has all of these effects!

Quin'rawl Burglar

Its pilfer ability is arguably the strongest in the game, pilfer being an effect that occurs whenever a creature deals direct damage to the enemy player. So after just one attack it will have doubled its power and be on par with the strength of many higher cost cards. And drain? Damage dealt by that creature heals the player, so heal four on the first attack, possibly eight on the next, and so on… it’s quite powerful considering the starting health is 30.

If it gets played, people often prioritise it as a target for obvious reasons, so… maybe try to play it with a guard.

Willpower (Yellow)

There seem to be a lot of Imperials and High Elves in the Willpower bracket and I think I’ve mostly used Willpower in one of the pre-built decks you get, and that was themed on an imperial army. I now like playing with a new deck I bought (in-game currency) called Ancano’s Cunning, based around summon effects and res-ummoning or moving creatures. But I think the card I want to feature here is a simple enough one that should speak for itself:

Piercing Javelin

Yeah, not the most interesting of cards but definitely useful. It costs five mana to use, destroys a creature; simple.

As I said, you start with 30 health, and at every five health interval below that you have a rune. If your health gets to or below a rune it shatters and you draw a card. If the card you draw has ‘Prophecy’, you can play it instantly for free, mana cost be damned! It’s a nice mechanic that can really turn things around. The zero-cost caveat only applies if you play the prophecy when you draw it, though. If you choose to put it in your hand, its cost is normal.

Oh, and the three on the bottom right is the number of copies I have. You can have up to three of any card in a deck. With the exception of legendaries, which have a limit of one each.

Strength (Red) – Fireball

There are plenty of Orc and Redguard creatures with strength and plenty of equipment too. I probably play red least of all but Fireball is a cool card. It’s been my bane many a time as my creatures are often left with only one health so it’s a great way to destroy my offensive.

Intelligence (Blue) – Crystal Tower Crafter

Intelligence is where you will find many Bretons and High Elves. And this card is another growing card. Better to summon as  early as you can and with a deck full of actions.

Crystal Tower Crafter

Endurance (Purple) – Tree Minder

Another nice effect on a creature. Tree Minder increases your maximum mana, great for getting ahead with playing potential. You’ll find plenty of Argonians in the endurance group, and many of them have effects that increase or depend on your max mana.

Tree Minder

Neutral – Bonus – Halls of the Dwemer

As well as the five colours, there are also neutral cards, which can be used in any deck. Most creatures being either Dwemer creations or animals. I’ve been playing a lot with just a neutral deck. There’s mostly Dwemer and a few Reachmen thrown in, so imagine how useful this is in a Dwemer themed deck.

Halls of the Dwemer

And you can have three in a deck, so the effects stack!

So yeah, Elder Scrolls Legends, I’d recommend giving it a go. It also features a campaign mode, which is rare for most card games!

What do you think? Do you plan on playing? Let me know in the comments!


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