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6 Video Games I’d Like To See Remade

6 Video Games I’d Like To See Remade


But Why Remakes?!

Because I said so! Right? In all fairness, if you’re willing and happy to pay for a remake/remaster of one of your favourite games then more power to you. Sure, remakes tie up companies who could be doing something new.

A remake shouldn’t just be a rehash of the same old game just with a facelift. Take the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Vicarious Visions didn’t just make it all look modern and pretty, they made changes to Crash that meant landing jumps wasn’t as easy as the originals.

So keep that in mind when I suggest the following games should also get a remake!


It was the very first game I ever got to play on the PlayStation. While we were lucky to have a PlayStation on release, we did only have one controller for some time and there were six gamers in our house. Pandemonium was the perfect game to share, as a platformer packed with pitfalls and monsters, a lost life meant your turn was over. The game was fun, colourful and actually had a real challenge to it.

If the big wigs in publishing and developing are looking for another platformer to bring back to life, here’s hoping they cast their wise gaze on this old gem. Even just for Fargus and Nikki and their wise cracking quips!

Jet Force Gemini

Dear Video Game Gods, if you’re considering a remake then please let it be for this Nintendo 64 treasure. Juno, Vela and Lupus are members of the Jet Force fleet, together the trio must defeat an invading alien force and rescue the Tribals.

Developed by British video game company Rare, the game took over our N64 at home. While it boasted a multiplayer option, in our house my brother and I had seperate save files, he’d always choose Lupus and I’d pick Vela. Jet Force Gemini was included as part of the Rare Replay released in 2015. A remake could tackle some control issues and that annoying camera and deliver a fantastic game that ticks every box!

Illusions Of Time

You can keep your Chrono Trigger and your Secret of Mana. Growing up there was only one JRPG (and I didn’t even know that it was one let alone what JRPG meant) for me. Illusions Of Time is today still one of the best roleplaying games that I ever got to play. My parents picked it up while on holiday in England and brought it back as a means of placating their children they’d left behind.

No one else in the house bar the same  younger brother I mentioned above had much interest in the game other than me. We spent weeks trying to clear certain boss fights – particularly the vampire couple. Other weeks trying to solve simple puzzles, but hey, we were 9 and 7 respectively!

I would love to see a remake of Illusions Of Time purely to relive the intense story (at one point your friend get’s turned into a whale!) but with a modernised look.

Jet Set Radio

Come on this one has to be on everyone’s list! The original graffiti spraying, rollerblading, Dreamcast appearing on smash hit! This has already been ported with higher definition visuals and had a sequel. So this might seem like blasphemy but I would love to see Jet Set Radio pulled into current gen consoles or throw in some VR.

Come on you can totally get behind this!

Populous: The Beginning

Right this one might be one of the lesser known titles on the list. If you ever had the chance to play this one then you and I share an awesome club. Take on the role of a Shaman and guide your tribe on a quest to dominate your enemies. You’re not just going to build stuff – why you’ve got almost God-like powers at your disposal to shape the world around you.

I’d settle for a rerelease here not even a remake! I miss my ability to conjure tornadoes, summon volcanoes and have people worship me!

Final Fantasy IX

You can keep your Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XII remakes! Well actually no keep me one of each, I love those games too.

It’s just that I really want to see a Final Fantasy IX remake! It is the best in the series in my humble opinion. Zidane, Vivi, Dagger, Eiko, Freya and Steiner are total legends in my eyes. My first experience with Final Fantasy was VII then I got VIII and I never really got into it. Then IX comes out and completely blows my mind. To this day it’s still one of the only games I’ve ever completed fully.

The chance to revisit a spruced up world, to get stuck into one of my favourite RPG class systems  would be a dream come through. If there was only one game on this list that I could get remade well, it would be a difficult choice but Final Fantasy IX would be my first preference.