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E3 2017: Playstation Predictions

E3 2017: Playstation Predictions


It’s that time of year again, folks. Hop on-board the hype train and ride it for as long as you can before reality sets back in, because E3 2017 is just around the corner. This year there are 7 major presentations to look forward to, so let’s start by breaking down what Sony and the Playstation team might have planned for their event on the Monday evening.

Obviously, E3 has a reputation for surprising us – and not always in a good way – so take all of this with a generous helping of salt and skepticism. That said, let’s start with some reasonably safe bets.

Death Stranding

Hideo ‘Superstar Sex God’ Kojima‘s mysterious Death Stranding is all but sure to make an appearance during Sony’s E3 presser. Announced at E32016, Death Stranding rode a pretty incredible wave of hype which seemed to taper off at the end of last year.

There hasn’t been much news, but we do know that Kojima met with some Sony high-ups back in March, and given the type of fever-pitch-response that the first two trailers got, it’s hard to imagine Sony would miss an opportunity to get people excited about Death Stranding all over again. It’s unlikely we’ll get a release date (this is Kojima, after all) but a gameplay trailer isn’t too much to ask, surely?

Days Gone

You have to feel for Days Gone. Bend Studios, the team behind the surprisingly impressive Uncharted: Golden Abyss, have been working quietly on their Zombie-Meets-McGuyver passion project since 2012. It’s unfortunate, but comparisons to Naughty Dog’s magnum opus The Last of Us are all but inevitable, especially seeing as both titles are Playstation exclusives, and most people seemed content to write Days Gone off as just another zombie game. A recent NeoGaf thread outlines some potentially interesting mechanics, and what sounds like an altogether different experience from TLoU, but Sony’s timing on this one is undeniably odd. E3 2017 is a perfect opportunity for Bend to show us what makes Days Gone special.

God of War

Yet another title announced at last year’s press conference, but another that we’re fairly sure will appear this year is Sony Santa Monica’s God of War. Having purified Greece of its Gods, Kratos makes for Scandanavia to see if the Norse deities can pose more of a challenge. As if that wasn’t interesting enough, his young son Atreus will be by his side throughout this adventure, as the Ghost of Sparta learns to control his rage and be a good father. Kratos has, at times, been a pretty one-dimensional, tough-as-nails-and-just-as-interesting beast of a man, so the chance to see him actually develop a little is certainly welcome. Expect a lengthy gameplay demo, just don’t expect to feel clean afterwards.


One of last year’s bigger surprises, Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man got a lot of people very excited. It’s been a long time since Spider-Man delivered a solid AAA gaming experience, so I’m sure many, like myself, are eager to see what Insomniac have planned for him. Even if the best Spider-Man game ever has in fact already been made. There’s been no update on how far along development is at this stage, but a gameplay demo probably isn’t off the cards here.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Sony probably won’t devote too much time to this seeing as it’s only DLC, but Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will definitely pop up at some point. Although it will be interesting to see how playing as Chloe might change our Uncharted experience, there’s just too much else to talk about to spend more time than necessary on this adventure. I’m predicting a gameplay trailer and a swift motion onward.

Safe bets done and dusted, let’s press on to what makes E3 so special; the element of surprise.


The Last of Us Part II

It might seem strange to think that Sony would be gun-shy when it comes to TLoU Part II but given the other stuff on display, but I think it would probably be a good move. I’m just as eager as anyone else to hear about why this isn’t an absolutely awful idea (it is), but it just doesn’t make sense to present it on the same stage as Days Gone. Given that Naughty Dog will probably show off Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, I’m fairly confident Joel and Ellie will be sitting this one out.

Knack 2

Knack was shit. Everyone knows it was shit. From all accounts, lead designer Mark Cerny also knows it was shit and, apparently is trying his hardest to make Knack 2 not shit. Knack could very well show up to appeal to the kids watching – the kids who didn’t play the first one, at least – but I also wouldn’t be surprised if Sony would rather keep him in the basement where he can’t make any noise. Or another shit game.

Detroit: Become Human

It’s been two years since David Cage announced his cyberpunk dystopia tale Detroit: Become Human, and as of right now we still don’t really know anything about it. It’s supposedly the most complex thing he’s ever written but that doesn’t tell us much. Here’s hoping we’ll get a glimpse into whatever he and his team at Quantic Dream have been up to.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

While probably not a Playstation exclusive, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was announced at the Playstation Experience event in December last year. I can’t imagine Capcom would refuse to release it on other platforms, but there certainly seems to be some sort of kinship with Sony, so I reckon we might see a gameplay demo at Sony’s presser. Who knows? We might even get another character reveal, and if one of them isn’t Baby Groot, we’ll have time to organize the boycott.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Perhaps it is naive of me to expect any info on KH3 at all at this stage, but my pathetic fanboy heart refuses to lose hope. What little we’ve seen so far has been very impressive, and if A Fragmentary Passage was anything to go by, KH3 is shaping up to be much more than that. Square-Enix recently confirmed that KH3, Final Fantasy VII Remake and their recently announced Marvel collaboration are all set to release in the next 3 years. From those three, KH3 certainly seems like the one closest to completion so I don’t think it’s unrealistic to hope for a new cinematic trailer at the very least. We might even go to a galaxy far, far away…

Something From Sucker Punch

The team behind inFAMOUS are working on SOMETHING, that much we can be sure of. A job listing posted 2 years ago suggested it will be open world, and other industry insiders have suggested that it will be a completely new I.P. Apart from that, we’re in the dark. Hopefully, however, not for much longer.

How about a few wild cards to finish us off?