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A Sunny Day In Dublin City

A Sunny Day In Dublin City


Finally, it looks like Summer in Dublin is here. Well, when I say Summer I mean that the temperature has gone above 18 degrees C and it has stop raining briefly.

And whenever there is a sunny day in Dublin, there are a number of sights you are all but guaranteed to see. And for today’s Gif Essay, we are going to have a look at a few of them.

Pasty White Legs

The moment the sun even dares to shine at all, it seems a certain percentage of the population is compelled by some seemingly mystical force to put on a pair of shorts.

Even if it isn’t that warm outside, the moment it’s sunshine and blue skies, out come the shorts. And when you get as little sunshine as most of us Irish do, your legs are a pasty white colour.

Not just any pasty white colour either. The kind of white that shines so bright, that they necessitate the wearing of sunglasses should you stare directly at them.

That Shirtless Guy

Within the same subsection of people who are compelled to wear shorts at the first sign of sun, exists a man.

A man with a total subversion to wearing any single item of clothing on his upper half, once a warm sun is present in a clear blue sky.

Not looking to body shame these gentlemen, but they really shouldn’t be shirtless. Especially not in a public place. There are children present for the love of God!

Extra Crispy

Whenever the sun shines, the tendency is to sit outside and enjoy it.

Have to enjoy these sunny days while we have them, you’ll tell yourself. It’s a shame to be inside. But unfortunately for our pale Irish selves, this is literally the worse idea possible.

Our next sunny day sight is that one person who forgot to wear sunscreen and is now burnt to a crisp. Looking like a cross between a beetroot and an overcooked slice of bacon, the badly sunburnt person.

Self inflicted sure, but give the poor soul some aftersun.

Beer Garden Season

My favourite part of sunny days in Dublin though reader. Is that it is an excuse to social with friends and have a nice beverage, alcoholic or otherwise, brimming with ice.

Whether it’s a roof top bar on Harcourt St, a friend’s back garden, St Stephen’s Green or even the beach, my favourite thing you’ll see in Dublin on a sunny day, is happy people enjoying the sun and having a good time.

Come on guys, it’s Ireland, we must enjoy the sun when we get it!