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‘Shadow’ – Chromatics – Track of the Day

‘Shadow’ – Chromatics – Track of the Day


I’ve been thinking about Twin Peaks ever since Monday. after watching the first four episodes I was both confused and delighted, it surpassed my expectations!

So, for today’s Track of the Day I decided to go with ‘Shadow’ by Chromatics, because it’s the song that they play during their appearance at the end of the first episode.

Honestly, David Lynch couldn’t have picked a better song. It’s eerie and dreamy, just like the songs that Julee Cruise sang in the original series. It fit like a glove. And this video has references to the show as well, which makes it cooler!

It looks like each episode will feature a different band or artist performing over the closing credits. Since both Eddie Vedder and Trent Reznor are in the show as well, I’m just looking forward to see what songs they make. Or if Reznor will be performing with Nine Inch Nails or How To Destroy Angels.

I’m not sure if it will have the same impact as hearing this song, though.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!