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Arx Fatalis – Replay

Arx Fatalis – Replay


As I mentioned in my Prey review, there was a nice reference to Arx Fatalis in that game. That’s when I learned that it was an Arkane game. Sure, it says that on start up it just went over my head.  It was there first game, released in 2002. I didn’t play it then, only started a few years ago. I never finished it though, never even got to far but I’ve recently started again.


Oh, if you’re playing through the steam version, I had to set it to compatibility mode of Windows XP pack 3 and also had to copy and paste the Steam.dll into the game’s folder. Otherwise, I’m on Windows 10.

I’ve experienced a few other annoying things in my current play. My current save has me moving at a rate much higher than normal with the rest of my animations being much slower. It’s not affecting NPCs so I guess it’s handy for kiting with ranged attacks. Good thing I didn’t invest in melee.

It think it’s supposed to be double clicks to open inventories but more often than not I’m just repeatedly clicking over and over for it to open, and hoping I don’t click extra times then closing it.

Oh, also, I’d advise against enabling mouse smoothing.


It’s the magic system used in game that is the most interesting part of it (that and maybe the snake ladies). You don’t simply equip a spell and cast it at will. Instead you have to draw runes corresponding to a spell. It may seem awkward, and sure it can be but it is interesting. You can queue up up to three spells to use if you want them ready for quick use. You’ll need to find runes before you can use them in your spells, if you have the right runes, any spells will be added to your spellbook (Which shows you how to cast and can give you a prompt on how to cast if you click on it). However even knowing spells, you will still need a high enough stat to cast it.

Each spell uses a combination of runes, no spells are a single unique pattern (that I’ve yet encountered), and each pattern has a certain meaning. For example, a line up buffs things, a line down debuffs. A ‘z’ denotes movement and can be used to alter peoples speed.


Aside from magic options, using precast spells as well as those cast in combat. You have melee and ranged options, There doesn’t seem to be much variance in bows, I’ve found one type but am led to believe there are two in the game, still handy though, what I primarily use. You’ll need to buy arrows, which come in a quiver which as far as I can tell don’t show how many arrows are left in them. They are fairly generous though. Although I did run out at one point which was awkward. I should probably resupply next time I load up… You also have a variety of melee weapons, most commonly clubs and daggers, as well as a few others along the lines of swords and axes, think I saw a hammer too.

Inventory Management

One of the other contentious things about it, for everyone, not just spellcasters, is the inventory system. You don’t go into a separate screen for inventory management. Instead, right-clicking switches you between using the mouse for camera movement and as an on screen cursor for moving or using objects and reorganizing inventories.

The mouse also doesn’t move the camera when casting spells either.


In many games you’d be right to simply attack any goblins or trolls on sight. Not the case here, often times times any interactions can simply be diplomatic, of course some attempts may be made with hostile NPCs but even if this does happen, fleeing is alway an option if need be. Enemies can be tenacious however. Maybe just drop a quicksave when you’re unsure.

What Else?

I mentioned that it’s referenced as a tabletop RPG in Prey, and I find myself increasingly intrigued by the idea. I’m just saying, if it ends up on Kickstarter I’ll probably back it. Just… give me some time. I’ve already got some pending projects! I didn’t get the chance to talk about the world of the game but to put it simply, everything is underground because the sun burnt out. Also, snake women.