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HamletMachine – Gallery


In the past I’ve mentioned the webcomic Starfighter, and how much I adore it, as well as its creator and artist, HamletMachine. Well today I wanted to dedicate an entire gallery to Hamlet herself, and all of the other amazing fandoms she’s contributed to! And don’t worry, I’ll definitely be dedicating another to her original works in the future!

From games and anime, to old school horror and Korean manhwa, Hamlet has spent her time creating phenomenal pieces of art for all sorts of series, and every piece is as beautiful as the last. Whether it’s just a sketch or a simple grey scale drawing, or even a full colour illustration, Hamlet‘s art is so consistent to her own unique style.

I feel like it doesn’t matter if it’s cute, creepy or pure aesthetic, they can pull off any kind of atmosphere in their work flawlessly, and that’s just so impressive to me personally!

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