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Frank Frazetta – Gallery


Frank Frazetta may be one of the most influential figures in nerd culture, and most people don’t even know his name. The progenitor of an entire style of fantasy art, when you think of images accompanying classic genre fiction you’re thinking of Frank Frazetta. From Conan the Barbarian to John Carter of Mars, Frazetta brought these early icons to life in his beautiful oil paintings, all of which are instantly recognisable as his own. If the men are greased-up and muscle-bound, and the women look like they might catch a chill then you know you’re looking at an authentic masterpiece.

Frazetta‘s work was often duplicated and served as inspiration for other famous projects, see the cover for almost any fantasy novel released before the 90’s and even the original Star Wars poster, but there’s nothing like the original. An incredible artist, and an important figure in the history of Fantasy and Science-Fiction, here I’ve assembled a small gallery of some of my favourite pieces from Frazetta‘s gorgeous oeuvre.