Home Comics X-Men Prime #1 Review – ‘The Dream Lives On’
X-Men Prime #1 Review – ‘The Dream Lives On’

X-Men Prime #1 Review – ‘The Dream Lives On’


The X-Men have managed to survive their war with the Inhumans. Now as the dust settles and future looks somewhat more hopeful, the mutants set about finding their place in the world. X-Men Prime #1 sets the scene and stories in motion as the X-Men scramble for normality in their lives.

Written by
Marc Guggenheim
Art by
Leonard Kirk
Ken Lashley
Ibraim Roberson
Cover by
Ardian Syaf

Fitting then that Kitty Pryde returns and finds her journey with the mutant team and school begin all over again. Returning from her travels in space, Kitty has so far remained out of contact with her old team. That all changes when Storm arrives and asks a favour of her old friend; take her place and lead Xavier’s school.

No small feat then!

Kitty’s return to the school, now in Limbo, serves to catch us all up on just what’s been happening with the X-Men. X-Men Prime #1 is here to setup the next few months of upcoming titles; X-Men Blue, X-Men Gold and Weapon X. It’s job is to get readers on the hook! It managed to do that, for the most part. As Kitty explores her former home, she finds that while the building might be the same, the people have changed. An older, wiser and stronger Kitty, she’s left to her own devices as she tracks the halls of the school. Reuniting with Jubilee and Peter, she’s faced with just how much time has passed since she first came to the Xavier Institute. Rather than process it all, she decides to head to the Danger Room to blow off some steam.


Weapon X

Meanwhile across the other side of the world, Lady Deathstrike is attempting to stay under the radar. However never one to stay in the shadows too long, she encounters and inevitably kills a woman who had wanted to engage her services. Unwilling to take no for an answer, Deathstrike is knocked out and her would be employer rises from the dead. The hook for Weapon X lands as a team of some lethal mutants are revealed including Logan, Domino, Sabretooth and Warpath! It certainly looks interesting!

X-Men Blue

Back in the mansion and her session with the Danger Room never gets off the ground. Angel, Iceman, Cyclops, Beast and Jean Grey are running a simulation. Suspicious, Kitty investigates only to find the time displaced mutants aren’t really there at all. The young mutants are setting out on their own path with their own mission in mind. The hook doesn’t quite catch! I’ll probably still pick up issue #1 but I found myself in the same state of mind as Kitty; confused and annoyed!

X-Men Gold

That leaves with X-Men Gold and it’s probably the one I’m most interested in. Kitty decides to stay with a handful of conditions. She takes up the mantle of leader as the X-Men with one clear goal; serve as heroes. Returning the mansion and school to Earth, Kitty plants it right in the heart of Central Park, New York. Here she plans to change the future for her team and mutants everywhere by seeing Charles Xavier’s dream come true. Hook, line and sinker! Count me in!

I’m a self-confessed Kitty Pryde fanatic! X-Men Prime #1 pulled me the moment Kitty appeared. Outside of that though there isn’t really much else to the comic. It does the job of opening up the paths for the next X-Men stories. The artwork is for the most part, colourful, bright and panels are awash with detail bathed in the red hue of Limbo. That is with the exception of the Lady Deathstrike scenes where things get a little sparser and toned with shadows!

X-Men Prime #1 has set the stage! Now let’s see what the X-Men and X-Force does with it!