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Watching Legion – Get Your Head Around It

Watching Legion – Get Your Head Around It


So I was a bit late to the band wagon but I finally finished watching the the newest “superhero” show around – Legion. Produced by Fox, the first season is only 8 episodes long and man, it’s one hell of a mind f#$@&!!

Starring the very up-and-coming Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, new Beauty and the Beast) the show centres around young mental patient David Haller and the events that led to him being diagnosed with schizophrenia. By the way, if you haven’t watched this show yet, look away now!! But be warned, don’t binge watch this show at 2am before going to bed. Seriously, trust me.

Thoughts from within…

So the show begins in a pretty high-tech looking interview room with antihero David being interviewed about the ‘incident’ that led to him escaping Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital. It’s pretty obvious from the get-go that Dan Stevens‘s character has some ‘abilities’, yet his main issues seem to be the voices in his head.

Speaking of hot and crazy…

Aubrey Plaza is the best thing in this show!! At the beginning, you think she’s just the mental hospital side-kick.

But we soon find out that she has a way bigger role to play. Plus, that dance? In a suit AND heels? Winner!

How does that make you feel?

This is a fantastically written show, with great casting and overall good flow to it. It puts you on edge, reels you back in and just when you think everything is getting back to normal, WHAM! Another mind twisting revelation.

Overall evaluation (in three words)

Inception. On crack. (but better)

Final thoughts?

Why is it visually stuck in the seventies?!?

Seriously, after binge watching Legion, I could take in the mind-feckery (just about), the double personalities, the dream within a dream within a mind inside an ice-cube or whatever! But why are we perpetually in the seventies but at the same time not? There are indications to a time-frame so this aspect of design really confuses me.

Overall though, the whole show is more than visually impressive. Can’t wait for Season 2!! Now to play the waiting game…

What did you think of Legion?! Let us know in the comments!