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Hulu Greenlights Locke & Key Pilot

Hulu Greenlights Locke & Key Pilot


Last year Joe Hill said he had plans for writing a Locke & Key pilot, adapting the comic book he co-created with artist Gabriel Rodriguez. He wanted to shop the project at different streaming platforms and TV channels for a potential TV show.

A Locke & Key TV series is closer than ever, because Hulu has greenlit a pilot and things are looking good. Scott Derrickson is going to direct it and Carlton Cuse will be the showrunner of a potential TV show, with Hill on board as an executive producer.

Locke & Key was originally published by IDW comics. The story follows the Locke family, who move back to their ancestral Massachussets after a family tragedy. But a lot of weird stuff involving magical keys happens.

This is not the first try at adapting this comic book. Back in 2011 Fox comissioned a pilot but then they never made it into a TV series. This will make up for that, especially since Joe Hill is actively involved.

Here’s hoping someone else buys the European rights for that show.