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Ewtube: Many A True Nerd

Ewtube: Many A True Nerd


As anyone who uses Youtube on a regular basis knows, video game streaming is big business. Youtubers such as PewDiePie, Markiplier and, Ireland’s very own, Jacksepticeye, make a really good living filming themselves playing video games and posting them to their Youtube channels.

For Ewtube this week, I have decided to share my favourite gaming Youtuber with all of you. Many A True Nerd.

Many A True Nerd is an English Youtuber, best known for his Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas videos in which he sets himself challenges in an effort to experience both games in new and interesting ways.

To date Many A True Nerd’s Youtube channel has around 257,000 subscribers with over 83 million views to date.

I discovered Many A True Nerd through a Kotaku article back in September 2014, when his channel had only around 20 thousand subscribers. As a fan, I’m happy to see his channel continue to go from strength to strength.

For you viewing pleasure below is a selection of some of my favourite videos from Many A True Nerd.

Fallout 3 Kill Everything

This is the video series covered in the aforementioned Kotaku article. In this series of videos, MATN plays through Fallout 3 killing every single character he comes into contact with. Since Fallout 3 isn’t designed for players to do this, it has some interesting results.

Fallout New Vegas No Kill Run

What is the only thing as impressive as a murderous run through a post-apocalyptic wasteland? A completely pacifist one.

Fallout New Vegas: You Only Live Once

As good as MATN’s no kill and kill everything runs are, it’s his run through Fallout New Vegas without dying that is by far his channel’s greatest achievement.

Hitman Blood Money: No Kill (And Other Stuff)

Aside from being one of the biggest Fallout fans in the Youtube space, MATN is also a big fan of the Hitman games.


Recently, MATN has been doing videos and live streams featuring gameplay from Sci-Fi RTS, Stellaris.