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Cú Chulainn Movie In The Works

Cú Chulainn Movie In The Works


Exciting though it may be, it’s probably fair to say Irish folklore doesn’t get much big screen attention. Aside from the work of Tomm Moore (Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea), few examples spring to mind.

Waterford based filmmaker Paul Bolger aims to change this with plans to put Cú Chulainn on the big screen. The Ulster hero is famous for numerous acts of valour, such as defeating a guard dog with his hurley and fighting Queen Medb of Connacht. Bolger elaborated his position to Irish Central “From my earliest days in film and comics, I was always struck by the lack of Irish characters in comics and blockbuster movies. So I set myself this goal of bringing Cu Chulainn to the silver screen.”

Previous attempts in 2010 proved unsuccessful, but Bolger remains hopeful. Bolger aims to portray the darker aspects of the hero, such the killing of his own son and foster brother. “The story of Cú Chulainn has plenty of humorous moments but it’s not a comedy. I want to create a darker toned, grown-up film about the Hound of Ulster that would appeal to audiences across the globe.” Hopefully this darker take will include the hulk-like ‘warp spasm’ or transformation that Cú Chulain undergoes in battle. The story is already available as a comic book, even having a Gaeilge edition. However, writer Hugh Welschman maintains that a film adaptation is the end goal.

Bolger’s Kickstarter is available with numerous rewards available (such as being a severed head in the upcoming third comic.) If you’re interested in making Bolger and Welschman’s dream a reality, please donate here. There’s only a week left the help finish the Hound 3, so now’s probably the time!

What do you think? Would you like to see a live action film, or would it be better animated? Do you think it would be better in English or as Gaeilge? Let us know in the comments!