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Top 5 Baddest Females

Top 5 Baddest Females


This week saw the glorious celebration of International Women’s Day. A day used for celebrating the greatest accomplishments of the fairer sex. However, while we celebrate the fantastic achievements of real life female heroes, let us not forget the fictional ones that inspired some of us to achieve greater things. From the world of movies, TV, games, anime and music, let’s take a look at some of the baddest and best females from nerd culture.

1. Buffy Summers – Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Yesterday, March 10th 2017, is a very special day for 90’s nerds around the world. It was on this day 20 years ago that the magnificient Buffy The Vampire Slayer first graced our screens. Who would have thought such a cultural icon could come from a californian cheerleader?

Not only did Buffy defy the odds by becoming a sensation during a time when every big show was lead by male characters, she defied the stereotype of being a blonde bimbo cheerleader. Not once in this show does Buffy require a man to fight for her.

She’s strong, independant, deceptively clever, resourceful and goddamn she rocks the 90’s style!

2. The Boss – Metal Gear Solid

I don’t think there are many female icons in gaming that can measure up to The Boss.

Whilst some character can seem manly in an attempt to appear strong, The Boss straddles the line between being powerful, but still maintaining her femininity.

Never once in MGS3 do you doubt her capabilities as a soldier. She taught the legendary Big Boss everything he knows, she gave birth via C-section whilst on a battlefield and most importantly she gave up everything; her reputation, her friendships and her country in order to serve it.

She died labelled a villain so that others could be heroes. What a badass!

3. Princess Leia – Star Wars

There is scarcely a need to even explain this one. As one of nerd cultures biggest icons, there was never any doubt to Princess Leia’s strength. From the second she picks up a blaster you know she’s a force to be reckoned with. While she does need to be rescued in the first movie, you never see her as a damsel in distress. I mean for god’s sake, the woman watches her entire planet being blown up and instead of cowering, jumps right back into the fray, working to serve the rebellion. Even after seeing Leia in the infamous gold bikini, and knowing what a sex symbol she became she was never lowered to just being eye candy. She was a strong, brave leader of the rebellion. We could always use more women like her in the galaxy.

4. Ryuuko Matoi – Kill La Kill

Here comes another girl that shows strength despite being a sex symbol. If you’ve never seen Kill La Kill, one of the major plot points you should know is that it’s big on skimpy outfits. Ryuuko’s outfit is a parasite with a personality. It grants her strength at the cost of showing a little skin.

However, despite some initial embarrassment, Ryuuko learns to accept it and carry on with her goals. Though stubborn, her determination carries her far as a fierce warrior and shows that even if your armor leaves very little modesty, you can still kick some serious ass.

It’s a good lesson about being able to own your body and be comfortable regardless of other peoples opinions.

A good lesson from a somewhat questionable source, wouldn’t you say?

5. CL


Okay, so unlike the other women on this list, CL is hardly fictional. However, with K-pop being so ingrained in nerd culture, I feel like she deserves a spot on this list. CL is essentially the Beyoncé of Korea. She’s fierce, she’s talented and there is no denying her stage presence. It can be difficult to strike a line between being confident and being cold, but CL has never had such an issue. Despite her attitude, there’s no denying her softer side and it doesn’t make her look weak. It makes her relatable and perfect for an icon to aspire to.

So, those were my picks for baddest females of nerd culture. Any suggestions for women left out? Be sure to let us know on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!