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Irish Mammies And The Joy Of Raising Geeks

Irish Mammies And The Joy Of Raising Geeks


My Mom is the best! She’s also one of the toughest Irish mammies in the world! She forgets nothing! She loves everyone! She’ll give you a look that means a hundred different things and all of them terrifying! She’s able to feed an army with nothing more than a slice pan and half a jar of jam!

My mammy raised six boys! Two of us are self-professed geeks and she’s done her best to make sure we were looked after and our interests developed. That doesn’t necessarily mean she understood a single iota of it! Before she jetted off on holiday I had a chat with my mammy to see to just what she remember about raising two gigantic geeks! It got me thinking about some of her best moments!

 Everything is a Nintendo!

Let’s be fair! Those pictures are of Nintendo consoles! She’ll refer to them all though as ‘the Nintendo’. This courtesy is extended to every type of console or machine that plays any kind of game.

These are all Nintendos too!

Tech 101

My mammy wonders why the wireless doesn’t make this noise! She’s convinced it has to at some point. When I get a call from my mom, it’s one of three things:

    1. She’s seen something on Facebook I’ve done or said and want’s to clarify what it was about!
    2. Someone is dead and I have to know them, no I do know them! No I do! It was your one!
    3. The wireless is acting up!

By acting up, she’s plugged it out again and forgotten to plug it back in!

Everything is Japanese

I’ve been watching anime since I was a kid! Mammy couldn’t get her head around it! What was the appeal of these bizarre little cartoons and why wasn’t I interested in normal cartoons! Gone were the days of He-Man and here to stay was Tenchi Muyo! Since then everything I’ve done has been explained away as something Japanese.

Cosplay is just japanese costumes! Any bit of food with rice is japanese!

Japanese girl playing the Nintendo

At Least I’m Creative!

All jokes aside my mammy might not fully get why I like or do these things but she doesn’t care as long as I’m happy! She might be able to make light of me ‘wasting’ money on figures and comics but no one else can! In her eyes I’m a creative, remarkable and lovely young guy with a passion for my hobbies… as bizarre, odd and expensive as they are!

No one better make fun of me for loving these things or it’s her and the wooden spoon that they’ll answering to!

So even though I tell my mom I love her every day; I want to take this chance to say it here again! I love you Mom!

Now put down your Nintendos and go give your mom a hug!