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Get to Know Your Thanos – Back Issues

Get to Know Your Thanos – Back Issues


Thanos is the bad guy in the Avengers; Infinity War movie. We knew that. We double-know it now because Marvel Studios have gone and sort of re-announced that information. What you (and we) might not really know is just who the hell Thanos is. Even if you watch the movies like I do, Thanos has only been the big purple guy who looks bad. Fear not, curious reader. I am here to help.

Here’s five Thanos comics to get you up to speed. 

“The Rebirth of Thanos” Silver Surfer #34-38

That’s right. Call him Thanos, call him death. In this storyline, Thanos is already dead, but the silver surfer works to make him the opposite of that. Unsurprisingly, he does. The real value of this arc is that it sets up the storyline for the infinity gauntlet. That gauntlet is the thing we saw Thanos slip on at the end of the first Avengers. This makes for a nice comic-book background to the real-world movie.

Thanos Quest #1-2

It would have been silly not to put this on the list. In these comics, Thanos goes on a long journey full of difficulties (a quest) to gather a basket of space biscuits. (I lied. He’s gathering the stones. The infinity stones. The infinity stones that he intends to use to destroy everything.)

“The Final Threat” Avengers Annual #7/Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2

This two in one annual edition wraps up the story of the Adam Warlock run. (The Infinity Stones run.) The whole galaxy is very nearly destroyed and The Thing is nearly clubbed with a Spider-Man. It is not likely that we will see Ben Grimm in the 2018 movie, but it could happen. One of the gems is reality-warping. Even if this annual is totally different to the live-action finale, you’ll have something cool to bring up in the discussion afterwards.

Infinity Abyss #1-6 (4 of 9)

Captain Marvel, Spiderman, Adam Warlock, Dr. Strange and Pip the Troll all walk into a bar. Actually they don’t. They find themselves fighting Thanos, the baddest bad guy who ever did any bad. He has a love of death and a lust for destruction and our heroes need to stop him. This is a classic Thanos-type story, but it’s also enjoyable for somone who hasn’t done much background reading into the characters. Jim Starlin was a master of writing Thanos and this is a great example.

Marvel: The End #1-6 (8 of 9)

This is a very Marvel answer to the DC Crisis events. In this arc, an Egyptian Pharaoh known as Akhenaten got serious power a massively long time ago. (Maybe he was friends with Apocalypse?) He masters the power and decides the best thing to do is to destroy the universe.  Because, that’s what you do. Our anti-hero teams up with the good guys because if anyone’s destroying the universe, its gonna be him.

That’s it! Off you go now at get a-reading!