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First Look at Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy

First Look at Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy


Earlier this week, Telltale Games released the first screenshots of their Guardians of the Galaxy game. It looks good!

At first I thought these screenshots looked weird, but then I realised why. They look more realistic, rather than the usual cel-shaded style that Telltale has been using forever. Looks good but I still have to see the game in motion.

And since PAX East is happening, there’s more information. During a panel they have revealed interesting tidbits about the game. Like the fact that it will be its own continuity (with plenty of easter eggs referencing the comic book, movies and animated show). Also, a relatively new comic book character (that has never appeared outside of comic books yet) will appear in the game, though her identity is unknown.

Apart from this, we know something about the plot. It will follow the Guardians after a battle, they discover an artifact that each of them wants for some reason. But so does the villain of the game.

The game’s cast is as follows. We have Scott Porter as Star-Lord, Emily O’Brien as Gamora, Nolan North as Rocket, Brandon Paul Eells as Drax and Adam Harrington (who voiced Bigby in The Wolf Among Us, where’s that season 2?!) as Groot.

Telltale has also said that the game will have a 70s soundtrack, but they didn’t elaborate on that. They also announced they will showcase this game at SXSW doing a crowd-play of the first episode.

The game will have five episodes and will be out this spring. To be fair, the thing that I’m excited the most is (hopefully) playing as Groot for a short segment, where all the dialogue options say “I am Groot” and after choosing one you get a “This character will remember this” warning. I mean, if this isn’t in the game then what’s the point?!