Home Event Dublin Quidditch Team Roar into their First European Match Victory in Belgium
Dublin Quidditch Team Roar into their First European Match Victory in Belgium

Dublin Quidditch Team Roar into their First European Match Victory in Belgium


The European Quidditch Cup was held in Mechelen in Belgium last weekend,and it marked the first international tournament for the emerging Dublin Draíoctha Dragons. The team, training since late last year, didn’t blow most of the competition out of the water, but they by all means stirred things up and turned heads. Winning their final match against a fellow emerging region by quite a bit and never leaving a match scoreless against much more experienced teams, made the tournament a triumph for the new club.

Group Stages

The first day of the tournament consisted of the three group games. This involved playing Warwick Quidditch club, The Brussels Qwaffles and the Green Tauros. The first game was tough, as the UK team from Warwick are one of the best teams in the UK. This was the biggest of the score gaps and the team were quite aggressive and extremely fast. Yet the chasers from Dublin still managed two scores. The second games was somewhat more friendly and the Belgium team even went in for a hug before brooms up. But despite Dublin’s best efforts, they only scored once.

The gap was a nice little bit smaller in game three, with the newbies scoring four times and holding their own quite well on pitch against the Italian Green Tauros Torino team. None of the games produced a snitch opportunity for the group, but as an observer on the day pointed out, the talented game-play by Dublin wasn’t completely represented in the score. For more information on the Group A teams, the Quidditch Post did a spotlight article.

Bracket Games

The final day of the tournament progressed in a similar way to its predecessor. The first game was quite hard as it was against a much more experienced and more aggressive team the Bonn Rheinos. The Dragons wouldn’t let that get them down however and did manage to score against the German opposers.

But it was the final game in which Dublin truly shone. Met with the Prague Pegasus team, there was a much more even match. Throughout the game Dublin held a strong lead and their seeker had a very close call with the snitch, although it was later deemed not to count as a clean catch. Yet even with the Czech team catching the snitch, the dragons scored their first European match win with 50 points ahead.

The full scores are below, with each successful hoop score equaling 10 points and the snitch, worth 30 points, represented by a star*.

Dublin – Warwick 20-200*
Brussels -Dublin  150*- 10
Dublin – Torino 40-170*                                                                                        Dublin – Bonn 10-130*                                              Dublin – Prague 110-60*

The scores are by no means close but for a new team playing against teams, some of which have played in more than one EQC before, and to score at all is an achievement. The development of this team is a sneak peek at what Team Ireland will shape up to be. Th first trials for the brand spanking new national team are this weekend.