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Two Returning Cast Confirmed For Pacific Rim 2

Two Returning Cast Confirmed For Pacific Rim 2


The sequel to the 2013 movie, Pacific Rim, will be released in movie cinemas in 2018. The film has had a couple of names since it’s announcement, but currently is called Pacific Rim: Uprising. In an interview with Collider, Charlie Day revealed that he and cast mate Burn Gorman would be returning to reprise their characters from the first film.

Charlie Day confirmed that his character of Dr. Newt Geiszler would be returning to help link the two films. He went on to confirm that Burn Gorman was set to return as Dr. Herman Gottlieb as well. He was quoted as saying their return would be a way of “tethering things to the world of the first movie.”

It does appear that Dr. Newt Geiszler would receive some new clothes for this one. Charlie Day even commented on working with some of the new comers to the franchise, specifically John Boyega.

I think with [John] Boyega and the rest of the young cast that the studio filled out, it’s going to be interesting to follow this new young group of people.

I have to admit, I have only seen the movie once, and it was on a flight from Canada to Ireland. I do remember these two characters, and think both Charlie and Burn are wonderful actors. Their return can only help to make the connections between the two films better for the viewing audience.

Pacific Rim: Uprising is scheduled to be released in the USA on February 23, 2018. What do you think of this confirmed casting? Are you glad they are both returning? Let us know in the comments below.