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Something There – Style Saturday

Something There – Style Saturday


I know what you’re thinking! Lauren, didn’t you already do a Beauty and the Beast Style Saturday a few weeks ago? Well, you’re not wrong reader, not wrong at all! In fact I did write a Beauty and the Beast Style Saturday but seeing as how all we’re seeing lately is Beauty and the Beast and the hype for the live action movie isn’t dying down in the slightest, I just can’t help but indulge that just a little bit more.

After all, every Disney movie and Disney princess has a few looks that we all just love and can’t get enough of. So this week I decided to focus on Belle’s infamous golden ballgown, the very one I have lusted after for so many years. And of course I couldn’t leave out Belle’s Beast! So without any further stalling, lets get down to business! (To defeat the Huns… — sorry, it had to be done!)


As my favourite princess, Belle has always been at the forefront of my mind whenever someone asks me what costume or cosplay I really want to do. While I’ve been able to do Belle’s village outfit, her golden ballgown is one that has alluded me all this time. And if I can’t get that beautiful ballgown, then I’m sure as heck going to Disneybound my way to the cinema! Belle’s ballgown is iconic, it’s the perfect moment in the film and one which always sends me into floods of tears as she walks down the stairs to meet her Beast.

For Belle’s golden dress I decided to go for something a little more understated and almost plain as I wanted the focus to be the accessories and not the dress itself so you could walk into a cinema dressed in this outfit and not feel odd. I decided to pair the dress with ballerina flats so they’re easy to wear, and to give the dress a beautiful red rose handbag, an homage to the rose within the film. Also decided on a pair of red rose earrings, and a silver rose necklace, very simple with a black cord. A simple rose gold bangle almost finishes off the look, but then I found the most amazing set of rings which I’ve put in both outfits.

Dress €18, Bag €22, Shoes €19, Bangle €14, Necklace €41, Earrings €25Ring €18


How could I leave the Beast out? My favourite prince as well, of course! So once again, I wanted to focus on the Beast’s outfit from the iconic ballroom scene, because as I’ve already stated, that scene is quite possibly one of my favourites.

So the main colour that jumps out at me with this outfit is definitely a royal blue, therefore the easiest choice here was a royal blue blazer. A nice white shirt for underneath, teamed with a nice pair of black skinny slacks and a pair of brown shoes. I tried to bring in some of the gold with a lighter coloured belt, a gold watch and a pair of gold cufflinks. The last touch is the other ring from the matching set, and voila, we have our lovely Beast.

Blazer €27, Shirt €19, Shoes €47, Pants €30, Watch €5.22, Cufflinks €47Ring €18, Belt €24