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Sam Worthington Talks About Avatar 2

Sam Worthington Talks About Avatar 2


I never thought I’d write these words… It looks like Avatar 2 is finally happening. I’m still in disbelief.

Originally, James Cameron said he had plans for a trilogy, but Cameron kept himself busy doing other things. Things like exploring the Mariana Trench and toying with an adapation of Battle Angel Alita, though in the end he’s only producing it (with Robert Rodriguez directing)

However, Cameron always said that he wanted to go back to Pandora. His plans later changed to four more sequels, rather than just a trilogy. So he spent the past few years writing and rewriting the scripts because his plan is to film them all at the same point.

Sam Worthington was asked about Avatar 2 while he was promoting his latest film. He mentioned that this film will take place 8 years after Avatar and that it will have a special focus family. His character will have a family and that changes how he sees his world. He also said the film will be bigger.

Production will begin on the summer, and the film will premiere on December 2018. With the sequels following on 2020, 2022 and 2023. Cameron also hopes that we won’t need glasses for seeing it in 3D, which seems quite likely.

Personally speaking, I’m not sure about whether we need Avatar sequels. Sure, I will probably end up going to watch them but I’m mostly indifferent.

But, Cameron recovering the rights to Terminator? Has nothing to do with this story, but I’m looking forward to it.